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vDesktop is UNIT's virtual desktop technology that provides access to a high performing virtual machine through a variety of devices.  vDesktop allows users to access OS and various software applications virtually via any computer with an internet connection.  

vDesktop utilizes virtualization technologies that optimizes the delivery of desktops, applications and data to users. The operating system, apps, and data are streamed directly from the data center. This allows for the delivery of Windows desktops and apps customized to meet the performance, security and mobility requirements of individual use cases. vDesktop allows access to the Windows OS and applications from a wide variety of devices and platforms. This technology leverages Citrix’s ICA and HDX technology to insure a high quality user experience. 

Citrix Receiver works to establish these connections and we strongly recommend downloading and installing Receiver prior to using vDesktop. To download, please go to the Citrix Receiver website



To access vDesktop, click on the above icon or go to