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VU Play Wireless Network

UNIT is pleased to announce the release of the VUPlay Wireless Network campus wide. Using VUPlay, Students in your dorm will be able to attach their gaming devices wirelessly to Villanova’s Network using the instructions below.

Setting up gaming and streaming systems wirelessly at Villanova University


Registration and Setup



1) While connected to the Villanova network with your computer, go to and login with your Villanova credentials. 



2)  Upon logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to register your device.  Many devices have the MAC address listed under “Settings,” “Network,” or “System information.”  



For help finding the MAC address please check the manual. 




3)   After Registration, you have the option to add additional devices or to manage existing ones.  The “Manage Devices” tab will show all machines you currently have registered and allow you to edit or remove systems.  Take note of the VUPlay Network Password listed at the top – you will need this when you first put your console on the VUPlay network.