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XFINITY On Campus:

XFINITY On Campus is a service from Comcast that delivers live streaming TV directly to any computer and select mobile and video streaming devices such as Apple and Android. Designed exclusively for students who live on‐campus, this service provides students with the ability to watch live-TV from a pre-selected channel line-up and view content on-demand. Each student will also be able to upgrade their streaming service through an exclusive portal designed for Villanova students.


Available in all Villanova residence halls, Xfinity TV is delivered via co-axial cable to each residence hall.  Providing over 100 channels, students can watch this channel line-up by connecting their TV directly to the co-axial cable jack in their room.  To learn more about the Xfinity Cable TV offering, be sure to visit our site about Cable TV on campus.


For Xfinity on Campus visit the support tab here: Xfinity Support

For in Residence Hall Cable TV contact UNIT's TechZone