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The College of Nursing recommends students follow the minimum computer requirements as outlined below.  

Laptop or MacBook Required

(ACER or ASUS laptops - NOT RECOMMENDED. iPads (Apple iOS) Chromebooks and Tablets (i.e.: Microsoft Surface, Android, Samsung, Amazon Fire) NOT APPROVED.

Windows 11 64Bit
Approved.  (Alternate versions of Windows 11, such as Windows RT  and 11 S, are NOT supported.)
Apple OSX
Approved. 13.0  (Ventura or Higher)
Microsoft Office Download for Free
SSD 512 GB

Intel i5 CPU Recommended

16GB Recommended

Each student is required to have a local installed copy of Microsoft Office.  For additional details and other applications available please click here.

Both Mac and PC platforms are acceptable operating systems for academic use in the College.

vDesktop is a virtual Windows desktop that provides students online access to many applications (Office, SPSS, etc...).

Q: What computer system or platform do I need to access vDesktop?

A: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and many other devices can access vDesktop.