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Villanova School of Business

Due to heavy reliance in the Villanova School of Business curricula on several software applications which work only in Windows, a PC running Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2016 or newer is required for all VSB undergraduates.

Not Approved

Windows 10 or 11 Required
Apple OSX
Not Approved
Microsoft Office Download for Free
Intel i5 Recommended
8GB Recommended

Have questions about VSB computing requirements? Email: 


Each student is required to have a local installed copy of Microsoft Office.  For additional details and other applications available please click here.

Q: Can I use my Apple MacBook with MAC Office installed?

A:No. You will not be able to complete your coursework with Office for Mac. Please note that these requirements have changed from past years.

Q: What computer system or platform do I need to access vDesktop?

A: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and many other devices can access vDesktop.