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Villanova School of Business

Due to heavy reliance in the Villanova School of Business curricula on several software applications which work only in Windows, a PC running Windows 11 with Microsoft Office 365 (available for free to all students)  is required for all VSB undergraduates.

Not Approved

Windows 10 & 11 preferred Required
Apple OSX
Not Approved
Microsoft Office Download for Free
Intel i5 Recommended
8GB or higher Recommended

Have questions about VSB computing requirements? Email: 


Each student is required to have a local installed copy of Microsoft Office.  For additional details and other applications available please click here.

Q: Can I use my Apple MacBook with MAC Office installed?

A:No. You will not be able to complete your coursework with Office for Mac. Please note that these requirements have changed from past years.

Q: What computer system or platform do I need to access vDesktop?

A: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and many other devices can access vDesktop.