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University Mobile Device Policy

This document outlines the University's policy for purchasing, deploying, and supporting mobile devices. Mobile devices are provided to employees where it has been determined that they are required primarily to meet the business purposes of the University.

Business purposes include, but are not limited to:

  1. The University must be able to contact the employee at all times for work-related emergencies;
  2. The employee must be available when away from the office; and
  3. The employee must be available on University business while in other time zones outside the
  4. employee's normal work day.


All users are expected to have read, understand and follow all University policies, including Acceptable Use, Email and Network Security. In accordance with those policies, mobile devices are to be used in a responsible manner. Users will recall that Personally Identifiable Information (such as SSN or other sensitive data) is not to be stored or accessed in an unencrypted format. This includes access from a mobile device. 

Supported Devices / Synchronization

Apple iOS:

  • E-mail client: MS Outlook
  • Calendar and contacts: MS Outlook

Device Security

All University issued mobile devices must be secured using a PIN or other password protection. Automatic lockout must be enabled for 5 or fewer minutes of inactivity.


UNIT provides full technical support for University issued mobile devices. Only devices purchased through UNIT's approved procurement process will be supported. No support is implied or will be provided for any other mobile device.

Provided Support:

  • Basic hardware/software support including installation, configuration, and diagnostic troubleshooting.
  • Coordinate warranty repair services with vendor. Apple devices must be taken to an Apple store for warranty hardware malfunctions.
  • Provide replacement mobile device in warranty period with University standard image/setting.
  • Diagnostic troubleshooting for use of University synchronization and application services.
  • Diagnostic troubleshooting for connection to University wireless network.
  • Battery replacement

User is responsible for:

  • Data loss due to battery misuse or failure
  • Data backup
  • Infrared communications between devices

No support is provided for third party or beta software.


All requests for new corporate devices must be in writing and approved by the Dean or VP of the area requesting the device, who has determined that the mobile device is necessary primarily to meet the business purposes of the University. In addition, a mobile device request form must be submitted by the user. 

Personal cell phone numbers require Senoir Management approval to be ported over to the Villanova corporate plan.

Usage Charges and Upgrades

All new devices are activated with a basic University approved plan: 450 Nation anytime minutes; 2 gigabit data plan; unlimited mobile-to-mobile; 5,000 night and weekend minutes which go from 9 PM to 6 AM; and 200 text messages. Each new device comes with a wall charger, case and car charger. Any changes to the base plan or additional accessories must be approved by the Dean or VP of the requesting department.

Each Director or Manager is responsible for setting usage guidelines and communicating them to their staff which includes reimbursement of costs for personal usage which results in excess charges to the University. Usage detail is viewable in NOVASIS and is updated monthly to reflect the most current charges.

When traveling overseas, an international calling plan must be added to the University issued device to save international roaming charges. UNIT/ Telecommunications requires one week's notice to add international calling to a device. The approximate monthly cost of an international calling plan is $72.00 and 2 months is the minimum length of time an international plan can be on a device. An international calling plan provides the user with a discounted roaming rate but it does not provide free international calling or data. Dean or VP approval is required in writing before an international plan will be added to a University owned device.

When calling another University employee, who also has a Villanova mobile device, it is encouraged that a mobile-to-mobile call be made, and not a mobile to landline call. This important guideline will save daytime (anytime) minutes.

The use of university funds to purchase ringtones, music, applications and other billable offerings for personal benefit is strictly prohibited.

Devices will only be upgraded after the contract expires, which is currently 24 months. Users cannot purchase a corporate device if the assigned number is owned by the University.


Users found to be in violation of this policy are subject to have their mobile device privileges suspended or permanently revoked.

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