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Welcome to the Summer 2020 issue of UNIT's Progress Report featuring UNIT’s IT Transitions and Support for COVID-19 Quarantine, Classroom Technology Upgrades and more. This newsletter is meant to inform you about UNIT Projects, Support and Service Offerings to the University. Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues by contacting:

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Throughout the COVID-19 Quarantine crisis UNIT has been committed to assisting the Villanova Community connect with technology resources, services and systems to enable the success of learning, teaching and working remotely.  From Online Classes and Virtual Events to Technology guidance, services and support, UNIT provided resources assisted the University’s quick and successful transition to learning and working remotely.

Academic Continuity and Learning Remotely Back to top

The Academic Continuity website located under the “Teaching and Learning” portion of the Provost’s website, was developed to addresses important faculty concerns related to the sudden shift of all courses moving to an online format.  Based on a Q/A format, questions prompt faculty to think about their instructional needs and match those needs up with technologies, documentation, training, and best practices to accomplish their goals in an online format. 

Similarly, the Learning Remotely website, was developed to connect students with information to them.  The goal of this page was to anticipate student needs, promote staying connected to Villanova via technology enabled modalities, and direct students to resources.  Most importantly we wanted our students to know that we are here to support them! 

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To assist all employees, UNIT prepared a working remotely website containing information about connecting and accessing University systems. Instructions on access to core Villanova systems such as Banner, Cognos, ODBC and network shares and connecting to these resources using the Villanova Gateway and DUO Multifactor Authentication.

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Mediasite and Online Classes Back to top

With the transition of all classes online in late March, faculty quickly embraced the use of videos to support their courses. During the first week online, Multimedia Technologies saw a 175% increase in total recordings with an 1109% increase in Desktop Recorder recordings. Since then, faculty continue to produce, on average, 550 presentations weekly on Mediasite. Faculty interested in using Mediasite for future classes can attend a workshop.

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IT Support for Commencement 2020 Back to top


UNIT played an instrumental role in the success of the first ever Online Degree Conferral for Villanova. UNIT collaborated with the Office of the President, University Communications and Marketing, the Office of the Dean of Students, and outside vendors to deliver a special experience to Villanova’s Class of 2020. On the day of the Conferral, there were approximately 36,000 visits to the Commencement website and over 5,300 viewers watching the Conferral live; an additional 2,400 viewers watched the ceremony after the broadcast. Congratulations to the 3,500 students in the Class of 2020!

Live Streaming of Holy Masses Back to top


UNIT assisted in the live streaming of Holy Week Masses, including Palm Sunday, Easter Triduum Masses, and Easter Sunday Mass. Collectively these masses were attended by over 13,500 people live and have had over 11,000 on-demand views. Easter Sunday Mass was the most highly streamed event ever at Villanova and is believed to be the best-attended Mass in University history with more than 11,000 live viewers.

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Banner 9 upgrade Back to top

Banner 9

Banner 9 is here!  Please visit the project website below for dates, timelines and to register for Banner 9 training sessions, which will enable a seamless transition to the new interface. All users will be expected to access Banner 9 Administrative Pages only by July 1, 2020. All Banner 8 Villanova custom forms will be upgraded to Banner 9 by June 30, 2020.

The Banner 9 upgrade provides major benefits including:

• Ends dependency on IE & allows for full browser support 

• Greatly simplifies the upgrade process for administrators

• The user interface is modernized and very intuitive 

• Mobile friendly

• Integrated with Single Sign On

• End the dependency on Java

Visit Banner 9 Website 

Classroom Technologies Updates Back to top

UNIT’s Classroom Technologies team returned to campus in May to continue and complete AV system upgrades inclusive of redesigning the AV systems from the ground up to include all new Infrastructure, HD Laser projectors, Cameras, Microphones, Wireless AV connectivity, AV VLAN, and 1:1 Mediasite Capabilities.  Upgrades in the Charles Widger School of Law rooms 301A, 301B, 301C, 306, 307 and have been completed.   Phase 3 will consist of rooms 201, 202, and 302 currently in progress.  These ongoing upgrades will allow UNIT to elevate the classrooms AV systems to support Villanova’s standards and improve quality of user experience, class recordings and support.

Microsoft Teams Training Back to top


This month, UNIT partnering with Microsoft sponsored virtual live event Microsoft Teams training. The training consisting of an overview of Microsoft Teams and the how it can benefit you and your department working remotely was offered in two parts. The first session, an introduction to Microsoft Teams was followed later in the month by advanced Microsoft Teams training. Both sessions featured Microsoft trainer led sessions and were well attended. Look for more sponsored virtual trainings with Microsoft this summer and fall.

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Voicemail Tips Back to top

As the University continues to work remotely, please utilize the following tips and instructions on checking and accessing voicemail from anywhere. You can access voicemail messages from any web browser or downloadable web app on your mobile phone.

For web access, go to and login in with your Villanova credentials.  In the left menu, select Personal Settings, then the Phone Numbers tab.  Add a telephone number for any mobile device and ensure that device is displayed as Primary Mobile Device.  Click OK.

For Mobile Application access, search for and install "AVST Mobile" from the Apple Store or Google Store. 

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Campus Wired Network Refresh Back to top


The Campus Wired Refresh project progresses into summer 2020! Villanova’s existing data and voice wired infrastructure continues to be upgraded to address bandwidth demands and growth needs of the wired network.   The replacement of all legacy wired switches will future-proof the University’s network and provide for extremely faster network speeds. The last remaining buildings will be upgraded throughout the summer.  As always, UNIT will work with building managers and communicate all upgrades in accordance with our change management process.

Password Reset Tips Back to top

Password Reset Tips

Keeping your accounts, personal information and data safe is a priority. Changing your password regularly is an IT Security best practice and reduces your risk of exposure. Password reset is a process required on a scheduled basis annually. To change or reset your password, please do the following:

• To change your password, go to MyNova at and Search for "Change Password"

• You can change your password at any time and should consider doing so proactively if there is a concern of password compromise.

To reset your password, go to MyNova at and Search for "Password Reset"

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Working from home Securely Back to top

As we continue to live and work remotely, here are some tips from experts at SANS Security Awareness to secure your home environment.  “In the past, building a home network was nothing more than installing a wireless router and several computers. Today, as so many of us are working, connecting, or learning from home, we have to pay more attention to creating a strong cyber secure home. Click the link for four simple steps to do just that.”

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