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Generic Accounts

To access other email accounts (also known as generic email accounts), that you have permissions to, please read the information below: 

How do I access my generic email account?

(Replace genericaccountemailaddress with the email address of the generic email account you either own or are a member of.)

  • You will now be prompted to login
  • Once login is successful you may now access the account in OWA

How can I get access to my Generic Email Account in MyNova?

  • To access your generic email account in myNova, type 'Villanova email' into the search bar and email tiles will populate. Click on the email tile to access your account.

How do I add or remove owners & members?

  • Only owners can add additional owners or members to a generic email account.
  • To add or remove members or owners of the generic email account, please click on the instructions on the right hand side called "Generic Account Maintenance".

Can I access my generic email account another way?

  • You can also access a generic email account (that you own or are a member of) within your own OWA account. Please click on the instructions on the right hand side called “User’s OWA Account”

Looking ahead….

In the future, we will implement a new process for maintaining the generic email accounts.  For example, we will  require a designation of an account owner, who will administer the addition, deletion, or modification of names within the account, as well as manage the account as per these guidelines.

  • These accounts will be created with an expiration date of 1 year, at which time the owner can request a renewal, which will be granted pending verification of ownership and the member list.
  • Shorter expiration dates will be given where appropriate, such as to accommodate specific time-sensitive needs.

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk @ 97777 or email

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School of Law Helpdesk

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Classroom Technologies Hotline


Additional Account Information

* GenericAccountMaintenance.pdf
Generic Account Maintenance
* GenericMailboxAccess_Webmail.pdf
Generic Webmail Access