The cost of your job depends on a number of variables. For design jobs, design estimates are based on the following:

  • Type of job (a postcard vs. a 16-page brochure, for example)
  • The rounds of edits needed once the job is in the proofing stage (include three rounds of proofs with a final proof for approval to print; any more or less rounds than three will affect your estimate accordingly)
  • The need to commission a photoshoot
  • The need to hire a freelance proofreader

In order to get started, consider whether you have a budget that’s been set aside for this job; check to see whether this, or a similar job, was produced for your department the previous year. If so, you may look at that cost as a ballpark of this year’s estimate. If you’re still unsure, set up a meeting with our team so that we’re better able to gauge your needs and provide an estimate.

Should we find we’re unable to take on your job due to our workload or scope of the job, we work with a vetted group of freelancers who will be available to you. In this case, the cost of the job will be discussed with the freelancer and must be approved by you, the client, before any work begins. 

Project duration depends on a number of variables, including:

  • Complexity of the piece
  • Extent of the rounds of edits
  • Number of people needed in the approval process
  • How final the copy is when we receive it

Here is a breakdown of rough time ranges:

For jobs requiring new design concepts, we request six weeks' lead time. The schedule breakdown looks something like this: the first 10 days are used for concept and design layout, the second 10 days are used for sending design proofs, making edits, and receiving final approvals, and the final 10 days are reserved for printing and production. Those six weeks go by very easily!

There are two rules of thumb for how your job will print:

  • If the quantity is under 3,000 and your piece is under 16 pages with no variable data, you can expect a print turnaround of five (5) business days.
  • If your quantity is over 3,000, and/or you have variable data, and/or the pagination is over 16 pages, please plan for seven (7) to 10 business days from when the job goes to print. 

Should your job require an offset printing, this process requires creating three to four days of set-up, routing of press proofs, and then printing and trimming. Please allow 7-10 business days for offset print jobs.

Should your job fit the parameters for the digital press, please allow five business days for Graphic Services to add your job to their queue, send a press proof, and then print and trim. While we're aware that there are online digital printers available, we strongly feel that our investment in the University and the quality of final product we offer is worth the extra week to two weeks (5 to 10 business days) requested as lead time for production of your job.

Creative Services operates on a chargeback system and before each job we provide a design estimate. In our estimates we consider the time needed to concept, design and edit your piece, as well as time and materials used to prepare proofs and final files for the printer. You will find that our fees are substantially less than those from a non-university design firm, and are captured in order to cover our materials and equipment costs.

Two distinctions to note:

  • While we will manage the print production of your job with Graphic Services, you will receive a separate invoice for print costs from Graphic Services.
  • We do not manage the mail fulfillment of any job and ask that you kindly reach out to Graphic Services directly to complete that stage of your project.

The Athletics V logo is a visual identifier for Villanova University’s Athletics department. The Athletics V comprises Villanova’s signature blue, white, and a secondary blue pinstripe, PMS 298. The Athletics V is a registred trademark of Villanova University. 

The University V mark comprises Villanova’s signature blue and white only. 

If you are interested in using the Athletics V, please go to the Athletics' website for information on logo file acquistion and use. 

When using the V mark, every attempt should be made to allow for enough space to include the words Villanova University, however the V may also be used alone. All requests to use the V in merchandising or retail must be made through the Collegiate Licensing Company (www.clc.com). If you have questions about which mark is most appropriate, please contact the Creative Services department at 610-519-4275.

All Villanova University departments should use the University's primary logo. If there is a compelling reason for an exception, a request must be approved by the appropriate Vice President and then by the Vice President for University Communication. If approved, please contact University Communication’s Creative Services department at creatives@villanova.edu or telephone 610-519-4275.

Distribution of existing University logos is free of charge.

To request one of Villanova University’s primary, secondary or alternate marks, please fill out the logo request form on the University Communication Brand/Logo Guidelines page.

Before filling out the form, please make sure you know the number of the logo you want (all logos are numbered in the Image Catalog document) and the file type you require. 

We suggest the respective formats below for the various applications:

  • PowerPoint on screen... JPG, PNG
  • PowerPoint to print... JPG, 
  • MSWord on screen... JPG, PNG
  • MSWord to print... JPG
  • Excel... JPG
  • Access... JPG, PNG
  • Microsoft Publisher... JPG
  • MSFrontPage... JPG, PNG
  • Web... JPG, PNG

For professionally printed materials, check with your printer for preferred format specifications. We have EPS vector files of each mark available for use. 

You will notice that we ask for an index number on our request forms--this is because we have a monthly chargeback process with the University's Accounts Payable department. 

When your job is completed, we will charge our design costs to the provided index at the end of the respective month. 

We only do design and photography work for Villanova University, but we accept checks if your department or initiative does not have a designated index number. Please make checks out to "Villanova University", and email Creative Services for cost totals and additional information.


Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Graphic Design for digital and print
  • University stock photography concept and management
  • Strategic design concept development

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