Step 1: Plan Components

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Your meal plan has four parts

Meals are the main components of all of our meal plans. You may use a "meal" to gain admittance to any of our all-you-can-eat dining halls. MPEs (see below) allow you to use a meal in our Retail locations. Please be aware that you are only allowed to use your meals on yourself.

Note: Any time a meal is used as an MPE or in a dining hall, the meal is deducted from the meal plan's total balance.

Each meal plan comes with a point account, which is basically a debit account which can be used for dining on campus. Each point is equivalent to a dollar and can be spent in any Dining Services location on campus. Most students use points in our convenience stores, Holy Grounds locations, or in supplement to their MPEs (for example, if you would like to purchase food worth $8.00 during the lunch period in Cafe Nova, you can use an MPE and $0.25 of points). Points may be added at any time by contacting Dining Services. Points do not carry over from semester to semester.

Note: Points are a separate account from the Wildcard account; however, both are contained on the wildcard.

Unlike regular meals where you can only use them on yourself, guest meals can be used to treat a visiting friend. Also, if you run out of regular meals, you can use guest meals on yourself as well! Guest meals can also be used as an MPE in our Retail locations!

MPEs allow you to use your meal plan in our Retail locations (locations which allow you to pay for only the food you order). While you will get the best value out of your meal plan by eating at our all-you-can-eat dining halls, there may be times where you cannot make it to one of the dining halls, or just crave something special from one of our Retail locations. In these cases, you may use a meal to cover a certain cash value of your purchase.

Note: MPEs are not "additional" meals, every MPE comes out of your meal plan total.

Values and Meal Periods

Holy Grounds Bartley, Holy Grounds Connelly, Holy Grounds CEER
Period MPE Value Time
Breakfast $6.75 7:30 am - 10:36 am
Lunch/Brunch $6.75 10:37 am - 4:10 pm
Dinner/Late Night $6.75 4:11 pm - 1:00 am
Donahue Market
Period MPE Value Time
Dinner/Late Night $7.75 8:00 pm - Close
2nd Storey
Period MPE Value Time
Breakfast $7.75 7:30 am - 10:36 am
Lunch/Brunch $7.75 10:37 am - 4:10 pm
Dinner $7.75 4:11 pm - 10:00 pm
Late Night $7.75 10:01 pm - 2:01 am
Cafe Nova, Exchange, Belle Air Terrace, Law School
Period MPE Value Time
Breakfast $6.75 7:30 am - 10:36 am
Lunch/Brunch $7.75 10:37 am - 4:10 pm
Dinner/Late Night $7.75 4:11 pm - Close

* Some locations have restrictions on MPE acceptance based on time and meal plans, please visit our location pages for details.

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* Meal Plan costs 2018-2019.pdf
2018-2019 Meal Plan Costs - Printable Version
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