Whether you're an undergraduate, graduate, commuter, faculty or staff, Villanova University offers a range of meal plans to meet a variety of tastes and schedules.

Each plan includes a combination of Meals and Points. Meal Plan upgrades are available for those students who are in Bartley Hall or Driscoll Hall often. We also offer Bagged Lunch and Picnic Programs.

Students who are currently enrolled in classes can select a meal plan by visiting the Housing & Dining Portal. If you do not select a plan, you will be assigned either the Any Time 7 Day Plan for dormitory residents or the 14 Meal Plan for apartment residents. Faculty and staff have the opportunity to purchase a meal plan and must sign up in-person at the Meal Plan Office at 106 Dougherty Hall. 

Changes to Spring 2024 meal plans are now being accepted.

The plan you had for the Fall will automatically roll over to the Spring semester unless you request a change.  The change request form is now open and will remain open until January 22, 2024.  To request a change please visit and select the "housing and dining forms" tab at the top of the page.

Please Note:

Meal plan changes are transferred to the Bursar's office twice per week.  It may take up to 7 days for your change to be reflected on your account.  The exports to the Bursar system will be suspended during winter break from December 18, 2023 until January 4, 2024.  Any changes received after December 17, 2023 will be sent to the Bursar on January 4, 2024 to be processed.


Meals can be used at any of our resident dining halls (The Court at Donahue, Dougherty Dining Hall, St. Mary's Dining Hall). To buy food and beverages at retail locations, Holy Grounds or convenience stores, you'll have to use your Meals or Points.

First year students residing on campus must either choose the Any Time 7 or 21 Meal Plan.

Unlimited Meals/week

Come and go as you wish! The Any Time Plan is the perfect plan to take advantage of all that Dining offers. You can swipe into one of our three dining halls throughout the day or to use your Meals or Points in other locations. 

Meals per week: Unlimited in resident dining halls, 14 MPE per week.

Points per semester: $110

Cost per semester: $4,250

21 Meals/week*

This plan is perfect for students who regularly eat in the dining rooms. You can eat in a dining hall or use your meals at our retail locations if you're on the move. Your meal balance resets every Monday.

Meals per week: 21 (any combination of dining hall or MPE)

Points per semester: $135

Cost per semester: $3,940

Second year students residing on campus, and third year students and above students residing in traditional dormitories or singles in The Commons must choose between the Any Time 7, 21 Meal, 14 Meal or 10 Meal Plans.

14 Meals/week*

This plan is perfect for students who want flexibility in their meal plans. You can eat in a dining hall or use your meals at our retail locations if you're on the move.

Meals per week: 14 (any combination of dining hall or MPE)

Points per semester: $150

Cost per semester: $3,560

10 Meals/week*

The 10 Meal Plan is the plan with the least amount of meals to use in our dining halls. It has the most dining points for dormitory students to use. Students can manage the balance of meals as needed. 

Meals per week: 10 (any combination of dining hall or MPE)

Points per semester: $350

Cost per semester: $3,215


Third year and above students living in on campus apartments or suites may choose the Any Time, 21 Meal, 14 Meal, 10 Meal or 100 Block Plans. You may also opt out of having a Meal Plan.

100 Meals/semester

The 100 Block Plan gives students the flexibility to manage how many meals they eat in the dining rooms over the course of the semester according to their schedule. This plan is tailored to students that have other options for food such as full kitchens or may travel off campus over the weekends. The plan averages six meals per week over a semester. Please note, unused meals do not carry over to the next semester.

100 meals per semester (any combination of dining hall or MPE)

Points per semester: $400

Cost per semester: $2,425

Commuters and off campus residents are not required to have a Meal Plan, but may choose any plan including the Commuter Plan, designed specifically for those living off campus.

5 Meals/week*

The Commuter Plan is designed for the off-campus life style. Cook for yourself or dine with us when you're on campus for class and meetings. Enjoy five meals a week at our resident dining halls. 

Meals per week: 5 per week (1 breakfast or lunch per day)

Points/semester $170

Cost/semester $1,265



Meals are normally not accepted in the Curley Exchange (Bartley Hall) or the Recovery Room, (Driscoll Hall). In order to provide dining options for students in these buildings, the following meal plan upgrades are available with the points noted being added to your total overall points balance. 


Points/semester $80 additional points

Cost/semester $475


Points/semester $80 additional points

Cost/semester $450




Students living on campus during the summer are required to have a meal plan. 

Summer meal plan details including cost, locations open, and requirements will be posted in the Spring

If you have any questions, please contact the Dining Services office at 610-519-4170 or via e-mail

Programs that take place within the summer semester but do not follow the summer session dates may be offered meal plans at a pro-rated price.




We’ve put together a list of some common questions students (and parents!) have about dining on campus. If the questions you have are not on this list, you can always reach out to us either via email or phone (610-519-4170).

Meal periods are defined in the meal plan system and are important to plans like the commuter plan (valid during lunch/brunch only) and Meal acceptance. Meal periods are also used to determine Meal values. The meal periods are:

Breakfast 7:00-10:58 am
Lunch/Brunch 10:59 am-4:10 pm
Dinner 4:11 pm-8:29 pm
Late Night 8:30 pm-1:30 am

Every Monday morning, the 21, 14 and 10 Meal Plans reset to their default amount of meals per week. Meals cannot be transferred from week to week.

Parents of meal plan participants and siblings under 12 always eat for free in our three residence dining halls when dining with you. Siblings aged 12 and older may be swiped as a guest meal, or you can use cash, points, NovaBucks or credit card to gain admittance. Cash entry prices are listed below.

Resident Dining Halls are also known as our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls. To gain access to these halls, meal plan participants may swipe a meal or guest meal. You may also use cash, points, NovaBucks, or Visa/MasterCard to gain admittance at the following rates:


Breakfast $13
Lunch/Brunch $13
Dinner $17