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PhD Writing Accountability Groups

Are you working on a dissertation, a grant proposal, publishing a journal article? Managing these projects while doing coursework and teaching can be difficult. Often PhD students are writing these genres for the first time, so are trying to understand what is expected while also finding time to get all the research and writing done.

Writing groups are one of the best ways to accomplish these projects, and can make the process easier, more efficient, and more satisfying.

This program brings doctoral students together to create successful writing groups. Groups launch with an online workshop focused on planning, goal setting, and seeing the benefits of writing alongside others. Previous participants have reported tremendous progress on their writing projects, increased motivation to sustain writing despite busy schedules, and support and collegiality among group members.  

**To be placed in a Fall 2022 PhD writing group, please fill out this interest form.  You will be sent an application to complete and submit by August 19th, 2022.  You will provide your availability and be placed accordingly.

Fall 2022 PhD Writing Group Schedule

  • Applications due - Monday, August 22, 2022. 
  • Participants notified of their group (time slot and fellow participants) by Wednesday, August 24, 2022.
  • Orientation session takes places during the first group meeting the week of September 12, 2022.

Testimonials from past PhD student participants

"Great group of student to be working with."

"The regular, scheduled writing time has been vital as too has being part of a group which offers encouragement and writing advice as needed."

"The accountability of having another person during dedicated writing time helped ensure I did not put off my writing."

"The writing group held me accountable to writing every week. I would prepare for it on the weekends some weeks, so I would have a head start and be able to get into the more intense part of writing rather than trying to figure out what/ how to write during the session. Knowing I had that designated time made me become more organized in the writing process. I'm a REALLY slow writer and I feel like I accomplished a lot, not only in the sessions themselves but also in my preparation for the sessions. I also benefitted from connecting with other doctoral students. It helped me realize you can be a fast writer or a good writer and still struggle with the writing process. My group was very inspiring and I loved hearing about the projects they were working on as well - it was refreshing to step outside my little world and engage with others especially during the pandemic."

"It really helped keep me motivated, keep me writing and it was a huge support to me. My group were wonderful and really kept me positive and on track - and also writing consistently."

Some examples of work accomplished during participation in the writing group program

Completed dissertation proposal draft, along with intermittent drafts beforehand with edits. Currently editing proposal to do my in person proposal in June

Completed data collection for dissertation project, analyzed all the data, and began writing chapter 4.

Chapter 1 revised Instrument revision completed Chapter 2 revision started Classwork paper (8 pages) written