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Faculty Writing Cooperative

We invite you to join our Summer 2022 Faculty Writing Cooperative.  This program brings faculty together from across disciplines for co-writing and to support best practices for writing.  All Villanova faculty and post-doctoral scholars are invited to enroll in this semester/summer-long program. 

What is the VIRS Faculty Writing Cooperative? 

This program combines 1) peer-led, scheduled blocks of time through the duration of the program (based on individual availability) for writing alongside others to ensure accountability and productivity and 2) an intensive, facilitated write-in day to cap off the semester and celebrate accomplishments.  This is a more flexible, more peer-managed version of our Writing Group program.

Why join the VIRS Faculty Writing Cooperative?

Writing often takes a back seat to other faculty responsibilities (teaching, administration, mentorship, etc.).  We can fall behind on productivity goals and motivation because we don’t sustain momentum on our projects.  A structured writing program rooted in the concepts of frequency, duration, and intensity promises the best outcomes for research and writing goals. 

What are the commitments to participate in the program?

  1. Signing up to participate in at least five 2-hour write-in sessions before the program begins on Monday, May 23, 2022.  For participants who are new to the program, at least one of these must be within the first week of the program (a short orientation will be provided at these initial sessions).
  2. Attending the intensive write-in day (the week of August 15-19, 2022; day/time TBD).

Signing up for 2-hour writing sessions:  Write-in sessions are two-hour blocks of time where faculty gather in a group of two or more people (in person or online) to work individually on their writing.  These sessions have time structured in at the beginning and end (10 minutes each) for sharing goals, accomplishments, and strategies for success.  This combination—a significant block of time allotted to uninterrupted writing and an exchange of ideas about writing—is built on best practices for productivity:  goal setting, socializing the writing process, writing regularly, breaking projects into manageable chunks, and taking time to acknowledge/celebrate achievements.

Facilitating sessions:  This is a peer-led, cooperative program.  One faculty member signs up to lead each session. Faculty are free to sign up for as many or as few facilitator slots as they like. Facilitating a session is simple:

  • Set the location.  Share a Zoom link for an online session or secure a space for an in-person session (consider department conference rooms, reservable rooms across campus, local coffee shops).  The faculty member who facilitates determines whether the session is online or in-person.
  • Facilitate the introductions and wrap up.
    • Lead the introductory 10-minute session:  participants introduce themselves and share the writing project they are working on and their goals for the session
    • Lead the 10-minute wrap-up session:  participants share what they accomplished during the session
    • Keep the time—ensure the intro and closing discussions do not surpass 10 minutes
    • Submit attendance to the Teams sign-up sheet at the end of the session
  • The write-in sessions echo the structure of the writing group program. For participants who have not been involved in our writing group program or a previous co-op, we recommend taking a facilitation slot after you have participated in a session led by someone else.

The intensive, facilitated write-in day:  The program will culminate in a day of writing to take place week before classes resume in the fall.  We will provide a comfortable environment for a day of focused writing, collegiality, lunch, and wine and cheese to celebrate our writing accomplishments during the semester.

What is the schedule?

Program Dates and Deadlines

Register to participate by Monday, May 16th, 2022Fill out the VIRS registration form.

  • Sign up to participate in or facilitate at least five sessions (sign-up sheet will be sent to registrants by Tuesday, May 17th, 2022).
  • If you are new to the program, at least one of these three sessions should be during the first week.

Please commit to these times as other participants will have planned around your time and location.  If you need to cancel, please secure an alternative facilitator and provide the necessary location information (co-host status on zoom link or access to in-person location).

Writing session schedule.  Writing sessions are scheduled for the following times.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9:30 - 11:30 and 1:00 - 3:00

Day-long writing intensive:  A day during the week before classes resume, August 15 - 19, 2022 (Date & location TBD).

How does the sign-up work?

A Teams sign-up sheet will be provided to all registrants by May 17th, 2022.  The sign up sheet will provide writing times followed by slots for the facilitator, additional participants, and attendance.