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Dissertation to Book Network

Inspired by the work of turning a dissertation into a book, this network brings together any faculty who are working on a book-length manuscript for workshops, write-in sessions, and exchange of tips and experiences.  Register here if you would like to join the network and be notified of upcoming meetings and workshops.


Programs We Offer

Writing a book proposal is a necessary step toward publication. Yet, for many faculty, proposal writing is an unfamiliar professional genre. This program familiarizes faculty with the genre through two linked workshops. 

The following pair of programs are offered every fall semester. To be notified when the next one is scheduled, please fill out this interest form.


Workshop:  What’s in a Successful Book Proposal

Condensing a book-length project into a few-page sales pitch is no easy task. How do you make it compelling enough to hook a press?  What are the various sections to include? What do publishers want when they ask you to “identify a market” or “explore competing works?”  What are the genre conventions of proposal writing? When during the process of writing your manuscript should you draft your proposal? Join the Dissertation-to-Book Network, through the Villanova Institute for Research and Scholarship, for one of two 1-hour-long sessions this semester to answer these questions, analyze samples, and pin down key elements of successful proposals. 

This online workshop will be offered twice during the fall semester 2024. To be notified when the next one is scheduled, please fill out this interest form.


Feedback Forum: Book Proposal Exchange

Article manuscripts often undergo numerous reviews before being accepted for publication. Book proposals often get only one ‘shot’. This workshop gives you the opportunity for a peer review so that when you submit to a publisher, you have honed your pitch, crafted a compelling description of your book, and improved your chances of securing publisher interest. 

We invite you to submit a complete draft of your book proposal to participate in our end-of-semester feedback forum. Participants will be guided through a structured program of peer-feedback:

To be notified of the timeline and invited to register, please fill out this interest form.

What to expect

2)      You will be placed into an interdisciplinary group with two other faculty;

3)      You then will submit a complete draft of your book proposal to our institute at near the end of the semester;

4)      You will receive the two proposals to review via email.

5)      You will review the proposals written by the two other faculty in your group (VIRS will provide some guidlines).

6)      Groups will gather for the half day forum and feedback exchange scheduled according to participant availability.

7)      The workshop will culminate with discussion to share experiences and tips for approaching publishers. Lunch will be provided.