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Small Research Grant Award Recipients

2024 Recipients

Nathan Badenoch, PhD, Global Interdiscipliary Studies, CLAS
Endangered Ecologies of Orality: Human-Nature Interactions in Northern Laos

Heidi Grundetjern, PhD, Sociology and Criminology, CLAS
Adverse childhoods and women’s opioid use in Philadelphia

Amanda Hess, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, COE
Initial Data Gathering for Stormwater Management of Revegetated Riparian Areas

Vincent Lloyd, PhD, Theology and Religious Studies, CLAS
Harold Cruse: Contraian Radical

Matthew Matell, PhD, Psychological and Brain Sciences, CLAS
Temporal anticipation in fruit flies

Tyler Milfeld, PhD, Marketing & Business Law, VBS
Rhetorical Questions in Green Advertising

Pankaj Patel, PhD, Management, VSB
Employee Wage Theft in Family firms

John Schmidt, PhD, Biology, CLAS
Regulation and Function of Fliz1 Oncogene

Dorothy Skaf, PhD, Chemical & Biological Engineering, COE
The Use of Shrimp Shell Waste and Eggshell Waste in Wastewater Treatment Applications

Erica Slotter, PhD, Psychological and Brain Sciences, CLAS
Media Representation, Identity Clarity, and Well-Being Among Non-Heterosexual Couples

Rachel Smith, PhD, Theology and Religious Studies, CLAS
Foucauldian Confession

Catherine Wilson, PhD, Public Administration, CLAS
Citizenship as Travel: Immigrant Integration in the City of Brotherly Love

Matt Youngman, PhD, Biology, CLAS
RNA sequencing to identify genes regulated by ARID-1 during aging in C. elegans

2023 Recipients

Chiji Akoma, PhD, Global Interdisciplinary Studies and  English, CLAS      
Copyright Permission for Translation of Obidiya

Kelly-Anne Diamond, PhD, History, CLAS           
Images of the Blind Harpist in Ancient Egyptian Art

Isabel Hong, PhD, Geography and the Environment, CLAS
What's in the water: an environmental assessment study of tidal wetlands in Delaware Bay 

Jacky Huang, PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering, COE               
Investigation of Interaction between ABuC compounds and Nrf2 Repressor

Bo Li, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, COE               
In-situ Observation of Sintering Process for 3D Printed Ceramics

Krista Malott, PhD, Education and Counseling, CLAS 
How Counselor Educators Conceptualize and Embody Decolonizing Therapy Practices

Dron Mandhana, PhD, Communication, CLAS 
Defining and Operationalizing Social Flow 

Kerry San Chirico, PhD, Theology and Religious Studies, CLAS 
Intensive Advanced Malayalam Course

Raka Shome, PhD, Communication, CLAS 
Cleansing the Nation: Hindu Nationalism and the 'Clean India' Campaign 

Saad Siddiqui, PhD, Accounting and Information Systems, VSB 
The Deman for Audits: Evidence from SPACs 

Michael Smith, PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering, COE 
Commissioning and Startup of Donated Infrared Spectrophotometer 

Jiafeng Xie, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, COE 
Side-Channel Attack Tools for Post-Quantum Cryptographic Engineering


2022 Recipients

Sherry Burrell, PhD, RN,CNE & Meredith MacKenzie Greenle, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, CNE, Nursing, CON
Trajectories of Health-Related Quality of Life Among Older Adult Survivors of Colorectal Cancer

David Cereceda, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, COE
Enhancing the bonding strength of dental restorations: a bioinspired approach

Charles Coe, PhD, Chemical & Biological Engineering, COE
A new adsorbent offers a path to improved CO2 capture and air separation

Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández, PhD, Spanish, CLAS
Transnational Maternal Activism and the Search for the Disappeared: A Documentary Project

Scott Dietrich, PhD, Physics, CLAS
Structural Phase Nanopatterning of van der Waals Materials

Aimee Eggler, PhD, Chemistry, CLAS
From Accidental Discovery to Anticancer Treatment: Combining Two Distinct “Antioxidants” to Selectively Kill Cancer Cells

Xun Jiao, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering, COE
Fuzzing-based Security Vulnerability Discovery of Mission-Critical Software Systems

Adrienne Perry, PhD, English, CLAS
Who Notices? Setting and Mixed-Race Black Experience in See-Through Girls

Shelly Rathee, PhD, Marketing Business Law, VSB
Luxury Advertising

Benjamin Sachs, PhD, Psychological & Brain Sciences, CLAS
Evaluating the Impact of 5-HT Deficiency and Stress on Amphetamine Responses in Mice

Aaron Wemhoff, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, COE
Comparison of the blue water footprint associated with food at home versus food away from home in the United States

Jie Xu, PhD, Communication, CLAS
The Impact of Gender-Themed Empowerment Advertising: When Commodity Meets Social Cause

Wenging (Vicky) Xu, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, COE
Tailored Carbonaceous Materials as Biofilter Amendments for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Removal in Stormwater Runoff

2021 Recipients

Samer Abboud, PhD, Global Interdisciplinary Studies., CLAS
Fear, Insecurity and Erasure in Contemporary Syria

Anil Bamezai, PhD, Biology, CLAS
Develop Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Use Orally delivered Oxysterol, a Lipid Membrane-Order (Lo) Disruptor, to Inhibit gut inflammation

Grant Berry, PhD, Romance Languages & Literatures, CLAS
Automatic classification of discourse features in conversational speech

Christa Bialka, Ed.D, Education & Counseling & Irene Kan, PhD, Psychological & Brain Sciences, CLAS
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Special Olympics International’s Athlete Leadership Program

Michael Curran, PhD, Economics, VSB
Private Sector Influence on Monetary Policy

Aimee Eggler, PhD, Chemistry, CLAS
Dose-Equivalence/Zero-Interaction (DE/ZI)

Gang Feng, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, COE
Nanomechanical Characterization of Ultrasoft Materials and Self-Sharpening Mechanism of Urchin Teeth

Xun Jiao, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, COE
Energy-Efficient Artificial Intelligence via Approximate Computation Bypass

Christopher Kilby, PhD, Economics, VSB
United Nations General Assembly Voting

Bo Li, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, COE
3D Printing Nanoparticle Reinforced Responsive Gel

Crystal Lucky, PhD, English, CLAS
“He Came Back to Get Us: The Story of Debbie, Michael, and Michael Africa, Jr.”

Seri Park, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, COE
Understanding Cognitive Control of Driving Behavior with functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)

Jennifer Ross, PhD, RN, CNE, Nursing, CON
The Effect of a Multi-Patient Simulation on Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Anxiety and Self-Confidence

Sally Scholz, PhD, Philosophy, CLAS
Solidarity as Sanctuary

Pritpal Singh, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, COE
Multiphysics Modeling of Novel Lithium Ion Battery Testing Method

Jie Xu, PhD, Communications, CLAS
Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

Peter Zaleski, PhD, Economics, VSB
Powerball and Megamillions