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CLUSTY High-Performance Computing

The Department of Astrophysics & Planetary Science maintains a high-performance computing cluster, aka “CLUSTY”, for the use of its faculty, staff, and students (see   The cluster features 212 computing cores, 280GB of RAM, and 15TB of disk space.  CLUSTY was originally purchased in 2006, upgraded in 2011, and again upgraded in 2014.  Further upgrades and expansions are planned, as dictated by the demand on the cluster’s resources.  The cluster is housed within the Department, on the 4th floor of the Mendel Science Center.

CLUSTY serves three primary purposes within the Department:

1.     Educational - all astronomy & astrophysics majors have an account on the cluster and have full access to the modern tools and large-scale datasets that are used in the state-of-the-art processing and analysis;

2.     Academic - faculty and students active in research are conducting computationally extensive simulations that require significant processing power; these computations play a crucial part in ongoing research and have resulted in a number of papers involving computational astrophysics;

3.     Infrastructure - the cluster serves the web pages, file versioning control, and databases for the international audience; professional catalogs and databases have over 100,000 hits since their deployment in 2011.

For questions about CLUSTY, please contact Prof. Andrej Prsa (