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COVID-19 Update - Office of Grants and Contracts

Villanova University is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and will keep the community up to date on the larger impacts. Please be assured that during this very challenging time, the Office of Grants and Contracts is fully operational and will continue to support the research community remotely.

Several federal sponsors have issued grant related guidance, but please know that this is a rapidly evolving situation and information that is applicable today, may be different tomorrow.  As such, we encourage investigators to maintain contact with their program officers to keep them informed of any project disruptions.

Below are some useful links to federal agency updates and guidance for flexibilities and allowances for the interruption of normal activities as a result of COVID-19 response.

It is important to understand that each federal agency is issuing separate guidance so these resources will be updated as additional information becomes available.

We have also developed a list of frequently asked questions.  We will continue to update this with new information as applicable.

In the absence of such guidance the principles of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR200) continue to apply to the management of federal awards. Unless informed differently, sponsored research awards from non-federal sponsors will continue to be managed in accordance with Villanova policy.

list of funding opportunities related to COVID-19 has been compiled by OG&C (as of March 23, 2019).  For a more current, automatically updated list, please view SPIN’s database of COVID-19 funding opportunities (Villanova login may be required). 

Faculty interested in pursuing any of these opportunities should reach out to their designated Deployed Research Administrator (DRA) as soon as possible.

OG&C is committed to supporting the Villanova research community and any questions related to the administration of grants and contracts should be directed to your primary point of contact in OG&C or to our office email.