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For All Students

Passport: Make sure that you have an up to date passport that will be valid at least six months past the end date of your program. Need a new passport?

Meet with your academic adviser: Discuss your study abroad interests with your major or college adviser. Ask if there are certain classes that you need to take while you are abroad. Is it recommended that you go abroad in a certain semester? Language majors and minors should also meet with their departments. Your OEA adviser will help you select a program that meets your academic goals, curriculum needs, semester requirements and personal interests.

Discuss Financial Matters with your Family: Talk about how the tuition policy will work and create a budget for your study abroad experience. If you receive Financial Aid, contact the Office of Financial Assistance to determine any changes to your aid package while abroad.  Research scholarship opportunities.

For Semester/Non-VU Summer Programs

Attend Info Session: If you plan on participating in a semester or non-VU summer program, or if you're just not sure what you're plans may include, attend an info session!  If you plan on participating in a Villanova Summer program, attendance is not mandatory, but may still be helpful. Information sessions can be scheduled online, using the links on the right side of this page, or through the Take the Next Step.

Start an Advising Application in Passport Villanova. You will find the Study Abroad Interest Form and a few Required Readings to complete. Be sure to also edit your Passport Villanova profile to include a photo and cell phone number. 

For VU Summer Programs

Research Options: Review all VU Summer options and discuss with the Faculty Program Coordinators to see if the programs meet your academic needs and interests.  VU Summer students can schedule a meeting with an OEA Adviser, but must first attend the Information Session. 

For All Students

Create and Complete a Passport Villanova Application Profile: Click here for steps to set up your profile. Make sure that you upload a picture and your primary phone number to your account. Then, complete all the requirements before moving to Step 3.

For Semester/Non-VU Summer Programs Only

Request an Appointment with OEA: Once you've attended an information session, you are welcome to make an appointment with an OEA advisor to discuss your individual study abroad interests, program options and questions.

Complete an Advising Application: Students only need to have one Advising Application in Passport Villanova. Finish all the Advising Application requirements prior to meeting with an OEA adviser. 

For Semester/Non-VU Summer Programs

Complete the Application for the Program:  For most semester programs, you must still submit an external application to your specific program following the guidelines of the host university or program provider. 

Complete the Passport Villanova Requirements: You also need to complete all requirements your Passport Villanova Application Profile,

Complete Prior Approval Form: Make sure to discuss with both your OEA advisor and your academic advisor the courses you'd like to take while abroad. Then, your OEA advisor will work with you to develop your Course Approval Form which should then be reviewed and approved by your college. Once that process is complete, you should return the fully completed form to the OEA after uploading a copy of it to your Passport Villanova Application Profile.


Click here: for the Course Approval Form, should you need to request approval for any courses

For VU Summer Programs

Complete the Online Application in Passport Villanova: As part of this process, you will also need to meet with the Faculty Program Coordinator for your program. They will then review your application and inform you of your application status via the Passport Villanova Application Portal. 

For All Students

Visa Application Process: If applicable, you must apply for a visa to study in your country. Check here for more information about whether you will need one. Additionally, feel free to talk about this with your Faculty Program Coordinator.

Health Screening: It is recommended that you see your physicians and get a full physical prior to studying abroad.  All students are required to submit a Medical Questionnaire in your Passport Villanova Application Profile.

For Semester Programs

Residence Life: Cancel your housing for the upcoming semester.

For Semester/Non-VU Summer Programs

Pre-Departure Orientation: Make sure to register for the Pre-Departure Orientation. Here you will learn more about what to expect during your time abroad as well as how you should prepare.

For VU Summer Programs

Commit to Program: You have 2 weeks from acceptance to make the non-refundable commitment fee payment. Instructions to make the payment are found within At this point, you should also make sure to complete all available items in

Submit Travel Itinerary: Many programs offer optional, highly encouraged group flights. You should check with your Faculty Program Coordinator to determine if this is an option for the program you select.

Pay Balance: You will be invoiced the balance of your Program Fee in early-April. This payment is due May 1.

For All Students

Complete Abroad Contact Information: Once abroad you will receive a questionnaire via asking for your local contact information. Please complete this ASAP

For Semester/Non-VU Summer Programs Only

Confirm Course Schedule: Make sure to confirm your course schedule on Additionally, if you have any additions or changes to your schedule and you need to get a course approved, follow this link for instructions to get these courses approved: Course Approval Request form

For Both Semester/Non-VU Summer Programs Only and VU Summer Programs

If you plan on traveling outside your program, please register your travel by clicking here.

Overseas Transcripts

You should arrange to ensure that Office of Education Abroad receives a copy of your official transcript from your overseas program or host institution in order to process your credits.

The Office of Education Abroad only retains a copy of this transcript once processed.  If you require an official transcript copy from your study abroad semester for graduate school applications, you must contact your overseas program or host institution.

For VU Summer Programs Only

Upon completion of your program, please make sure to complete all applicable evaluations. Additionally, if you are a non-Villanova student who participated on a Villanova Summer Program and need access to the transcript, please contact either your Faculty Program Coordinator or the Office of Education abroad to ensure that grades have been posted. You can request a transcript by clicking here.

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