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Nursing Year in Manchester

nursing students at University of Manchester

The College of Nursing has established a year-long study abroad program with the University of Manchester in England. If you wish to study abroad, and have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0, you may take your sophomore year in England. Manchester's Nursing program is ranked #1 in Great Britain by The Times in London. Students in this program spend their Sophomore year in the Nursing Department of the University of Manchester. The courses transfer to Villanova as the Sophomore year of the nursing curriculum and no time is lost in the four year course of studies.

The program requires some changes in the Freshman course of study; any freshman who is interested should contact the Director of the Undergraduate Program or his or her academic advisor as early as possible. In addition, interested students should contact the the Office of Education Abroad.

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Office of Education Abroad

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  • Fall and Summer applications/approvals are due April 15
  • Attend an Information Session by April 1
  • Spring applications/approvals are due October 15

*Some programs may have earlier application deadlines! Start the process early!