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Global Key Ambassadors

tian tian

Tian Tian is a Chinese international student studying at VSB. She is a sophomore and is planning to major in Finance and Management. Tian participated in the Global Citizens Program to London in the Spring of her Freshman year.

Jamie Silk

Jamie is a junior chemical engineering major with a double minor in bioengineering and Spanish. When she got to Villanova, Jamie knew she wanted to study abroad, but never even dreamt that she would have the opportunity to go twice! Her summer interning in London and semester studying in Rome have been some of her favorite memories of my college experience and have helped her form connections not only with people in her host country, but also other Villanova students who Jamie now calls her best friends and roommates. Her dream post-graduation is to move back to London and work there full time!

Hanna Connolly

Johanna Connolly and I she is from Monmouth County, New Jersey. She is a VSB sophomore pursuing a double major in Accounting and Finance, with a possible minor in MIS. Through the Global Citizens Program, Hanna studied and worked an accounting internship in Singapore during her Spring 2017 semester. She got to visit countries she never dreamed she would get to see in her lifetime: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore of course. She fell in love with Southeast Asia and discovered a desire to travel and see the world. Studying abroad opened her mind and expanded her  comfort zone. She gained new perspectives from her experiences and made lasting memories.

Mike White

I studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany, a vibrant college town in the foothills of the Black Forest in the southwestern German state of Baden Württemberg. During my time abroad, I was able to travel through many different parts of Europe, from the Scottish Coast to the Baltic States and down through the Swiss Alps. During my travels, I was able to study the European Union and gain a better understanding of what membership in the union means to each member state. As a Political Science and Economics major, I was also able to gain new viewpoints on key world issues and understand perspectives that were at times very different from what I knew in the United States.

Susan Rykowski

My name is Susan Rykowski and I am from Westchester, New York.  I am majoring in Accounting, with co-majors in Business Analytics and International Business, and a minor in Mandarin.  I studied and interned abroad in Shanghai with Villanova’s Shanghai Business Internship Program during Summer 2017.  I had an amazing time abroad and gained valuable work experience interning at an e-commerce consulting firm. 

This program allowed me to add to my resume while also learning about and touring some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world!

Marissa Sully

Hello! My name is Marisa Sully and I am a sophomore from the great state of Texas. I love traveling, photography and horseback riding. I had the opportunity to study abroad the spring semester of my freshman year and it was one of the best decisions I have made. The 5 months that I was abroad gave my unforgettable memories, lifetime experiences, and a great bond with the 4 other Villanova students that I was with. I would love to answer any of your questions!

Amanda Morgan

For me, London was the perfect choice of a city for studying abroad—insanely picturesque, limitless places to explore, and endless amounts of tea!  I have traveled to many countries in Europe, but London was one that suited me really well.  I hope to study abroad again next year, and I would definitely want to go to a different continent! 

Jane Ross

Jane is a junior Communications major with a minor in Gender and Women's Studies. She studied abroad in the fall of 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark at DIS - Study Abroad. While in Copenhagen, Jane was able to gain real world public relations experience though study tours and firm visits with her Strategic Communication core course. While abroad, Jane was able to backpack in Sweden, see the Northern Lights in Iceland, and explore cities such as London, Dublin, and Amsterdam. Jane's time in Denmark helped her gain a nuanced global perspective, and grow a better sense of independence. 

Maddy is a senior at Villanova studying Economics with minors in Sustainability and Philosophy. She spent a semester of her junior year split between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile. Maddy spent the most recent summer working as a student tour guide in Florence, Italy and surrounding countries. She was able to gain a first hand perspective on business conduct in 3 different cultures and how different levels of developed countries require specific sustainable goals to move forward in growth. Maddy plans to use her experiences to land a job helping companies develop realistic sustainable plans for further business growth.

Alexa is a worldly business student, pursuing a triple major in Management, Business Analytics, and International Business, and a minor in Spanish Language & Literature. She is passionate about working towards fluency in Spanish, which is why she chose to spend a summer immersed in the language in Cadiz, Spain, and later a semester studying emerging economies in and traveling throughout South America. Not only have her language skills improved, but also she learned a lot about cross-cultural communication both inside and outside of business settings. In the future, she hopes to apply these experiences by working for a dynamic international company and to continue to travel as much as she possibly can.

Sue is majoring in Finance, Business Analytics, and International Business. She decided to study abroad in Urbino, Italy through the Business and Culture in the Italian Context program, which is designed specifically for Sophomores in VSB. While abroad, Sue worked on a consulting project with an Italian coffee company. Having studied and worked abroad, Sue discovered her love for travel and coffee. She hopes to work overseas one day.

Sangwon "William" Choi is a sophomore at College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is an Undeclared Arts major and a Global Health major. He is thinking about majoring in Economics. William studied abroad Summer 2018 to Seoul, South Korea where he studied at Korea University. Taking university classes in motherland was such an experience for him. He hopes to pursue a career in healthcare management and administration.

Victoria is a Political Science and Art History double-major who has studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a huge history nerd, and found that her time abroad learning about Post-Communism's effects on Czech government has deepened her passion for International Relations. When not attending class abroad, she loved to explore places that only the locals knew about, go to art museums, and eat the food known to that particular country. Studying abroad has allowed Victoria to take advantage of every opportunity that came her way, and start saying 'yes' to everything.

Alyssa Chin is a sophomore business student from New Jersey, majoring in Marketing & International Business, and minoring in Italian. In the summer following her freshman year, she studied abroad in Sydney for seven weeks, where she interned with a fashion brand and a fashion distributor and also completed a research project on sustainable fashion. She also hopes to spend a semester in Milan in the near future. Her passions include sustainability and protecting the environment, and is interested in world cultures and languages, fashion and beauty, and entrepreneurship. On campus, she is a member of Alpha Phi Omega (co-ed service fraternity), Campus Activities Team, Business Without Borders, and Italian Club.

Claudia Tolosa is a Puerto Rican student at VSB. Her intentions are to co-major in Marketing and International Business. She participated in the Global Citizens Program during her freshman year (2017-18). During her four months in London, England, Claudia was able to gain much insight into the diversity of culture and work ethic throughout the business industry.

Annelise is an undeclared sophomore in the College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, planning to double major in Communication and Geography, and an avid fan of Villanova Basketball. She studied abroad in London between her freshman and sophomore years, taking a British history course and interning at a digital media agency in the music industry. Living on her own and working in a global city like London, Annelise enjoyed experiencing urban living; navigating on the London Underground, attending gelato a festival, and poking around secondhand bookshops, where she was delighted to find a book on Geography, her constant companion during her time abroad. While in London, Annelise grew her skills in research, social media technologies, and publishing, incorporating her love for music into her work. She hopes to continue using her social media and analytical skills to develop her radio show at WXVU, the Villanova radio station. 89.1 FM... Tune in.

Parker is a senior English major + Creative Writing minor at Villanova. As a fearless writer, she was so excited to study European Literature in Copenhagen last fall. Her experience abroad was liberating, illuminating, and pivotal in her personal and academic growth. Parker is looking forward to advancing her career in media and continuing to find innovative ways to help companies communicate their stories-- hopefully back in good ol' København!

Anne Stankiewicz is an incoming senior from Massachusetts, majoring in Economics and minoring in International Business. Anne studied abroad in Budapest, HU during the Fall semester of her junior year. Anne's study abroad experience helped her to grow professionally and personally, which increased her interest in living overseas and working for an international technology company.

maureen archbold

Maureen Archbold is a senior in the Villanova School of Business, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications and Irish studies. During the fall of her junior year, Maureen had the opportunity to study abroad in Villanova's Irish Studies Program in Galway, Ireland. She fell in love with the culture and people of Ireland and decided to pursue a minor in Irish Studies to learn more about the country while back at Villanova. Maureen also developed a passion for travel during her time abroad and can't wait to explore the rest of the world!

tiffany nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen is a sophomore student from Vietnam. She is majoring in Management Information System and Accounting. She has studied in America for 4 years and just finished a semester in London during her first year at Villanova. The experience that she had in London has created lots of benefits for her: helping her grow and become more independent, giving her more point of views to see different situations in life, and taking her to experience the cultures and different cuisines in the city.

I'm Meghan Conway, a junior environmental science major from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea at Korea University, and I now feel that I have a greater appreciation for the more subtle cultural differences, the function of language, and, most of all, a more adventurous and experience-seeking mindset with an intention to become more immersed in my community. In the future, I'd love make my mark on modern environmental sustainability, environmental journalism, or overall ecosystem conservation internationally.

rachel zuercher

Rachel is a Senior in the School of Business. She is studying Marketing and Analytics. She has a strong interest in the food and hospitality industry and hopes to use her marketing background to work for a food-based media company or publication. Rachel studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark with DIS in the Fall of 2017. She was in awe of the food/restaurant scene in Denmark and the Danish culture she was able to experience. Having the ability to travel all around Europe on class trips, and on her own, she has a greater world view and appreciation for various cultures around the world.

joey duffy

I'm Joey Duffy, a sophomore at Villanova. I'm planning on majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics in the School of Business. I studied abroad in London where I had an internship and took classes at The London School of Economics.

cassie kay

Cassie Kay is a senior at Villanova who is a Mathematics major with a Statistics minor. She studied abroad her junior year during the fall 2017 semester to Sydney, Australia through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) program. While abroad, she also participated in an internship at a non-profit organization called UnitingWorld. She felt that this internship allowed her to learn more about Australia outside of the classroom, and helped her develop new professional skills that can be used in the future. Traveling to the other side of the world pushed her outside of her comfort zone and allowed her to meet so many new people and make lifelong friends. As she traveled throughout Australia, she fell in love with the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful nature, and hopes to make it back to Australia one day!

Mary Kaitlin Enright is a current sophomore in the Villanova School of Business. She is pursuing a double major in Marketing and Management, with minors in Business Communications and Creative Writing. Upon growing up in Chicago, attending high school in Hong Kong, and taking part in the Global Citizens Program in London in the Spring of her freshman year at VSB, Mary Kaitlin describes the impact of her study abroad experiences as enhancing both her self and global awareness, as well as strengthening her characteristics of adaptability, open-mindedness to new perspectives and challenges, and cultural intelligence. She hopes that her coursework and experiences through Villanova and her study abroad pursuits will lead her to a career in the marketing and operational management industry of a nonprofit organization in an international scope and impact.

cassie dimitry

Cassie is a junior political science and Spanish double major originally from Randolph, New Jersey. On campus, she is involved in Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, the CLAS Academic Reform Committee, and Club Swimming. She studied abroad in Valparaíso, Chile in the summer of 2018 following her sophomore year. Studying in Chile and living with a host family enabled her to immerse herself fully in Chilean culture and challenge herself to improve her linguistic ability. Living with a host family provided the opportunity to be an American living like a Chilean, not merely an American in Chile. She appreciated and learned the nuances of Chilean culture and in turn, was able to recognize distinct aspects of her own culture. After graduation, Cassie plans to attend law school and use her Spanish language skills to become an immigration lawyer.

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