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Welcome! Faculty members are invited to use this site as a resource for all things related to international study at Villanova University. Whether you are working with advisees that are considering education abroad, have study abroad alumni in one of your courses, or interested in what the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) can do for you professionally, these pages area starting point for the information that you need. On the sidebars at left are a variety of options:

  • Faculty development details opportunities through the OEA.
  • Program Criteria details the standards for an acceptable study abroad program at Villanova University and provides tools for researching those programs.
  • Curriculum Integration gives brief description of CI and how an online database is available for you to better incorporate study abroad into the undergraduate curriculum.
  • Academic Resources is a bibliography of a number of articles from scholarly journals on the profession of education abroad and its impact on student learning.
  • Overseas Course Database allows you to search the variety of programs available for Education Abroad.

We look forward to working with you!

Welcome to the Faculty Page for the Office of Education Abroad! The OEA has many responsibilities, the three most important of which are:

  • Providing students the opportunity to add an international educational perspective to their Villanova University education, primarily through the facilitation of summer, semester, and academic year-long study abroad.
  • Representing the university while working with overseas institutions for the purposes of establishing study abroad programs, faculty and student exchange, and other types of academic “outreach.”
  • Acting as a resource to the Villanova University community in all matters related to academic, programmatic, and administrative international initiatives.

Faculty members are the OIS’ most important partners in all endeavors. Faculty members approve the academic content of study abroad programs, allowing the university to have quality control over the overseas education experience. Faculty members also create and lead summer programs, allowing students that cannot study during the academic year to still benefit from an international experience. And faculty members discuss with students—often in class—the merits of internationalizing their curriculum, proving to be the most valuable promotional resource drawn on by this office. If you have done any of these things in the past (approved courses, led programs, promoted study abroad), we thank you for your support!

These pages are meant to serve as a resource for you. Here you will find tips for advising students, descriptions of programs most often utilized by this office, details on international faculty development opportunities, and information on how this office could use your help in “internationalizing the campus.”

Most importantly, if you are a chair or chair’s designate who approves courses that students wish to take overseas, you will find a database of all classes taken by Villanova University as part of a study abroad program. If you read these pages, though, and find that there is information missing that would help you in any way, please contact us so that we can make changes immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to review this site, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

~The Office of Education Abroad

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