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Professors Joy Mullane and Les Book Receive Inaugural Diane E. Ambler ’78 Faculty Curricular Innovation Award

joy mullane and les book

Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law recently announced the inaugural Diane E. Ambler '78 Faculty Curricular Innovation Award to recognize faculty members who have distinguished themselves through their innovation in creating pedagogical and curricular changes with a positive impact on the Law School. Professor Les Book and Professor Joy Mullane were named co-recipients of the award for their collaborative development of an innovative model for teaching.

Mullane and Book’s model—first implemented in the Graduate Tax Program—includes a flipped classroom, in which pre-recorded content and formative assessments enable students to view and complete assignments prior to class. The at-home work is then reinforced by regular summative assessments and real-time feedback.  This approach provides students with a more active learning environment, encourages greater student engagement and affords professors the ability to adjust their teaching dependent on student needs.

“Joy and I felt strongly that the model both reflected sound pedagogy and effective use of technology,” said Book. “Adding technology allowed us to deliver a variety of content to students and gave students control over a facilitated learning environment.”

Professors Book and Mullane’s model has become the guidepost for all other core courses in the Graduate Tax Program. They also adapted and implemented it within their JD course—Introduction to Federal Taxation.

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