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Waste/Recycling Bin & Dumpster services

Trash and recycling bins are located on almost every floor of every building on campus, and all recycling through these bins is single stream. Most buildings have recycling centers in public hallways where you can recycle mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic #1, #2, & #5 containers. 

Villanova 3 Stream waste bin
3 Stream Waste Bin





Student apartments on campus are issued Single Stream recycling bins through Residence Life.  Please submit a request through Residence Life if you need a recycling bin for your on-campus apartment.

Student apartment recycling bin
Recycling bin for student apartments





All offices are supplied with a small trash can and a Single Stream recycling bin, which is a university standard. Offices can request recycle bins from the recycling office for cans, bottles and plastic containers using the link to the right.  Small trash bins for offices are currently requested through Custodial Services. 

Rubbermaid 7gal black trash

Small office trash bin

Rubbermaid Slim Jim 23gal black trash

Large office trash bin

Rubbermaid 7gal blue mixed recycling

Small office recycling bin

Rubbermaid Slim Jim 23gal blue mixed recycling

Large office recycling bin





For small cleanouts, you can request one of these bins by submitting a work request through FMO.

Please DO NOT place hardcover books in the recycling bins.  Please refer to the Single Stream Recycling page for guidance as to what should go in these blue recycling bins

96 gallon trash cart
Temporary 96 gallon trash cart
Temporary 96 gallon recycling cart
Temporary 96 gallon recycling cart
VU Dumpster
30 yard roll off dumpster for cleanouts or construction