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Move In - Move Out

waste in villanova dumpster

On Campus

Villanova University Recycling is actively involved in recycling or reusing any waste that is generated during student move in and move out. The move in program focuses on recycling all of the cardboard boxes generated by designating areas outside of every resident hall for students to place all of their empty boxes. The move out program focuses on collecting, sorting, and donating to local charities all usable items left behind by the students. Many different departments are involved in volunteering for the move out program. Please contact the Recycling Office if you are interested in volunteering for the move out program.

Off Campus

Refer to your local municpality for information on how to properly dispose of and recycle as you move in or out. Information about recycling for Radnor Township and Lower Merion Township can be found here, or you can search your local municipality's name with recycling and waste for more information.