The Office of the Registrar provides enrollment or degree verification, as well as transcripts. We will never release information without your express permission. 

Requesting Enrollment or Degree Verification

Verification of enrollment provides proof of enrollment, graduation, student status or other student-related information. It does not provide specific course information or grades, as found on an official transcript. Current students can print their own verifications or can request a verification letter from the Registrar's office. Verifications are available free of charge to all current and former students.

Current Students please follow the instructions to access the National Student Clearinghouse via myNOVA.  This is the most immediate way to obtain an enrollment verification.

If you cannot login through myNOVA, submit a verification request using the online form.

Current Students please access myNOVA for the quickest way to obtain verification services of National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). You may view your enrollment status, verification data, and print out your own official verification documents. Note: if you require verification of the current semester, make sure that Villanova has updated this information.  Updates are sent to the Clearinghouse after the drop-add period of the current semester has ended.

  •        Log in to myNOVA
  •        Click on the Student tab
  •        In the My Schedule and Registration channel, click on the
            Order an Enrollment Verification 

This service is only available to current students who have a valid Social Security number on file with Villanova University.

If you cannot login through myNOVA, submit an enrollment verification request using the online form.

Current and former students may order verifications of enrollment or degree in person from the Office of the Registrar (St. Mary's Hall, Room 209). Office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.  

Please allow 3-5 working days for processing your request.

Provide any forms required by the requesting agency(s), along with the information listed below. Illegible or missing information will prevent processing.

  1. Your name (printed) and any former names
  2. Your signature
  3. Villanova ID (8 digits) or SSN if Villanova ID not available.
  4. Specific information needed to verify enrollment (for example: semester(s) enrolled, full-time or part-time status, date of graduation, etc.)
  5. Number of copies needed
  6. Name and full address of each recipient. Verifications may also be distributed by fax or email (without official seal or signature), but is the responsibility of the student to determine acceptability.

Mail requests to:
Office of the Registrar
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Email requests to the Registrar's Office

Fax requests to: 610-519-4033

Standard delivery of verifications is by First Class US Postal Service mail. All outgoing mail is safely sealed to ensure confidentiality of the contents. All address information should be double-checked to insure accuracy and completeness. We cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery if the address provided to us is either incomplete or incorrect. We cannot accept responsibility for delivery by the United States Postal Service or timely processing by the recipient. 

Verification requests are normally processed within 3-5 working days of receipt.

Transcript Requests

The official transcript is Villanova University's official statement of your academic record. It lists all courses completed and all grades earned, along with the semester in which each was received. The official transcript also contains notations of majors, minors, degrees and graduation honors received where applicable.

For your protection, we will not release an official transcript without your permission (via secure, authenticated login and/or signature).

There are three Villanova University offices which distribute transcripts, dependent upon your student status. Student records are housed in the respective offices listed below. If your attendance includes records from more than one office listed, a separate request must be made to each office.  

Undergraduate or Graduate

Requesting undergraduate or graduate transcripts and additional information.


Widger School of Law

Law students must request transcripts through the Law School.

Non-Credit Certificates

Instructions for online and on campus student transcripts.


Summer Music Studies

Persons who attended the Villanova Summer Music Program from 1993 to the present may request transcripts from the University of the Arts (UArts) in Philadelphia. Transcript requests carry a fee and must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at UArts.  

Persons who attended the Villanova Summer Music Program during the summers of 1990, 1991 or 1992, may request credits from VanderCook College in Chicago

Transcript Key

Guidance on how to reading official transcript grades, symbols and course numbers