Prospective Students  

For information and application for specific programs, visit our Affiliation Programs page.

Current Students

Complete an admission test application for the specific professional school on the internet.  To enhance the advisory process, please release your scores to the Health Professions Advisor where it is an option; there is a place for this on the application.

Complete the following forms, which can be downloaded from the web or obtained from Mendel, room 143, and return to the Health Professions Advising Office:

  • Authorization and Release Form - for medical schools; Authorization and Release forms for all other health profession schools are part of their application.
  • Either the Waiver or Non-Waiver Form
  • Evaluation Forms - We recommend that the majority of forms be completed by science professors; letters from non-science faculty and employers may be used. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE THAT ALL EVALUATION FORMS ARE RETURNED.
  • Personal Information Form
  • Disciplinary Report

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW WITH DR. RUSSO.  This should be completed before you leave for the summer.

Application materials for medical (AMCAS), osteopathic medical (AACOMAS), dental (AADSAS), physician assistant (PA) and veterinary school (AAVMC) are available on the internet.  Those schools and professions NOT using a central application service should be contacted directly for an application.  ALL APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED WELL BEFORE THE DEADLINE.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have transcripts sent from the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE directly to the health professions application service.  In some cases (AMCAS/AADSAS), there is a form to be sent with the transcript; print it off from the application and forward to the Registrar's Office.

There is a $20.00 processing fee.  Make all checks payable to Villanova University and mail to Dr. Russo's office at the address listed below. Payment must be made before letters are processed unless prior arrangements have been made.

Recommendations will be uploaded/mailed to the processing service/school as soon as possible. Letters of recommendation for most medical and dental schools can be submitted electronically by the Health Related Sciences Office. Letters for Optometry, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy and Veterinary programs are submitted by the recommender directly to the application service. On medical school applications DO NOT LIST NAMES OF EVALUATORS submitting recommendations. DENOTE COMMITTEE LETTER on application forms or secondary application materials. On the AMCAS application recommendation section choose committee packet, enter only Dr. Russo as the evaluator, print or save to your computer the letter request form and mail or email to Dr. Russo (see instructions). When completing the Evaluators Section of the dental application (AADSAS), select: electronic; enter: Dr. Louise Russo, Committee Letter, DO NOT LIST INDIVIDUAL EVALUATORS unless you are asking someone to submit their letter separately by paper. Most other health professions ask that the letters be submitted electronically by the individual.

N.B. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE THAT YOUR APPLICATION IS COMPLETE.  If there are any questions during the summer, you may write or phone or email:

Dr. Louise Russo
Dept. of Biology
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Ave., Villanova, PA 19085
Phone: (610) 519-4833      
Fax (610) 519-8042