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Prospective Students  

For information and application for specific programs, visit our Affiliation Programs page.

Current Students

Complete an admission test application for the specific professional school on the internet.  To enhance the advisory process, please release your scores to the Health Professions Advisor where it is an option; there is a place for this on the application.

Connect with the HPA Office as early as possible in your preparation planning. If you intend to enter the upcoming application cycle and want to receive a committee letter from the HPA Office in support of your application (most important for medical and dental applicants but is also valuable for all other professional pathway applications), you must begin the preparation process the fall prior to the year your application opens.  The HPA Office will offer a series of helpful and, in some cases required, information sessions for applicants in fall that will aid in your preparation including:

  • Assessing your Readiness to Apply
  • Letters of Evaluation (recommendation) and the Committee Letter
  • The Application Process and SLATE (system used by the HPA Office to collate items needed for the committee letter)


Announcements about these sessions (including make-up options for those who cannot come to campus to attend) are sent via the HPA Blackboard site.  It is critical that you are connected to the HPA Office via the Blackboard resource center so you are receiving all communications from the office related to application and have the support you need.  The office also hosts other events and provides materials that are helpful to candidates moving closer to application including the Philadelphia/Main Line Health Professions School Expo that is held each spring either on the campus of Villanova University or at Saint Joseph's University (alternating years).  This event is an opportunity to connect with a variety of regional (and in some cases distant) programs that are physically represented for pre-professional candidates to form connections and get answers.  It is criticial to monitor the HPA Facebook page (VIllanova University Health Professions Advising Program) so you are updated on other criticial events (regional open houses, virtual fairs, summer programs, etc.).  Being connected to and paying atention to information shared by the HPA Office through Bb is vital for applicants so you have information and know when the impending deadline(s) are for the committee letter process. 


In early spring the HPA Office collects a portfolio of materials from prospective applicants by a deadline of the first Friday in February for anyone seeking a committee letter.  Details on this portfolio and the timeline for the committee letter process are included in the Application Guide available on the HPA Office Blackboard resource center (in the Application Materials folder) or via request through the HPA Office ( for alumni.  


Candidates who complete the required material submission by the February deadline will be eligible to sign-up for a committee letter meeting with Dr. Russo, Director of Health Professions Advising, in spring (February through first week of May).  Online meeting options are available for alumni candidates who do not live in the Villanova area or students studying abroad.  


Candidates will be informed of their committee letter rating no later than June 1 and the HPA Office will work with committed applicants throughout the summer and into early fall as they submit their professional school applications.  In order to receive a committee letter applicants must submit their professional school application no later than September 15 of that application cycle year.


There is a $20.00 processing fee for the committee letter process.  This fee is collected via credit card within the SLATE portal when the candidate has made the commitment to apply and all items necessary for the committee letter have been completed.  


It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have transcripts sent from the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE directly to the health professions application service.  In some cases (AMCAS/AADSAS), there is a form to be sent with the transcript; print it off from the application and forward to the Registrar's Office.


Depending upon the professional school application process, the HPA Office will also collect individual letters of evaluation/recommendation.   We will collect up to five individual letters which will be uploaded/mailed along with the committee letter in support of the candidate's application.   Letters for some programs such as Optometry, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Veterinary programs are submitted by the individual recommender directly to the application service typically through an electronic letter collection portal.  


Additional details on letters and other aspects of the application process for current students and alumni are detailed in the Application Guide (available on the HPA Blackboard site in the Application Materials folder).  For specific answers to issues not addressed in the Guide please contact the HPA Office (