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Stay Connected

Or: How to stay connected to the Villanova University Health Professions Advising Office.

Log into Blackboard via this Link, then enter your Villanova credentials.

• Look for a folder on the right side of the main page entitled "Organizational Catalog" and select the subfolder entitled "Available for Self Enrollment".

• You'll see the Villanova HPA course appear on the organizational list. DO NOT click directly on the name of the course (this will give you an error message), click on the arrows adjacent (or below) the course title, and then select the "enroll" option to get into the course.

• Once you are enrolled, you can then click on the course name to access the site. You'll arrive at the Information page where we post announcements. To schedule appointments, find forms, etc- click on the content tab on the left side of the page.

• Bonus: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (links in the right side menu of this page)