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Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM)

Villanovans Against Sweatshops

 Wednesdays at 9 pm
Where: Corr Hall 
Advisors: Robert Jantzen (MAT)
Officers: Consensus governance

Who are they?

Villanova Student Labor Action Movement, formerly known as Villanovans Against Sweatshops, is a student-run group dedicated to protecting workers' rights and upholding Villanova's values through education and direct action.

What have they been up to?

In March - VU SLAM met with Villanova’s General Counsel to discuss the status of the Nike-Villanova licensing agreement. They have been assured by General Counsel that Villanova and Nike agree on all terms pertinent to labor rights, and that Nike is just working out minor details.  They expect Nike to sign the licensing agreement by the end of April.

Additionally – VU SLAM met with University Staff Council to propose the Licensing Oversight Committee, which would ensure more transparency and accountability with Villanova’s licensees, one of which is Nike.

Any students interested in attending the Local Roots Training (LRT) should contact VU SLAM at the e-mail provided below! Being a member of VU SLAM is not a requirement to attend.

How do I get involved? Contact VU SLAM via e-mail at