Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Ambassadors

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Ambassadors are trained by and maintain a close working relationship with CRS, the third largest U.S. international private relief and development agency. The Ambassadors gain in-depth knowledge on Fair Trade, Food Security, Global Health & HIV-AIDS, Immigration and Peacebuilding, and in turn, educate, resource, and contribute to existing student organizations, university programming, and also generate new initiatives on these issues. 


When: Weekly meetings on Wedneday, 8:00 pm
Where: Corr Lounge
Advisor: William Stehl, CPJE (x95179)

Leadership Team
: Sajid Hossain ‘17
Vice President: Andrew C Lee ’19
Global Health & Migration Coordinator: Jessica Alhanouch ’19
Fair Trade & Food Security Coordinator: Sara Vaughan ’19
Faith Formation Coordinator: Rebecca M Walters ‘18





More Information

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