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Student Organizations

The Center houses a number of different student groups whose mission is to address specific issues of social justice consistent with the values and mission of the University. Whether the issue of interest is human rights, poverty, labor, racism, sexism, the environment, animal welfare, or upholding the value of life itself, the groups work on injustices in the world and are not affiliated with any particular political platform.

Each group meets on a regular basis to discuss relevant issues, plans activities and organizes events that serve to further educate the Villanova community about social problems and solutions. While the primary purpose of each group is educational, education without action is incomplete, and thus group activities may include direct service, activism, advocacy, or other opportunities for change in some capacity. Groups are run by the students and their advisors, and membership is open to any member of the Villanova community.   We welcome the proposal of any new group that addresses a specific social justice issue, as long as it is in keeping with Catholic Social Teaching and not duplicating the work of other groups.

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