Stewart Calculus textbook

The textbook for MAT1500, 1505, 2500 Calculus is:

This textbook can be purchased or rented as a single large heavy hardcover textbook for use in all three or several of these courses through outside book dealers or the publisher BUT DON'T.

You only have two choices because WebAssign is required.

If you need a paper textbook, buy the looseleaf version at the Villanova University Shop (currently $176) which includes WebAssign online access to the e-book with an incredible wealth of video help directly linked to the textbook exercises as well as independent of those exercises, practice problems, practice quizzes, and some class sections will use the online homework feature as part of the course grade. Current students seem to universally love this 21st century multimedia textbook platform, no book to carry, available to you for all of this calculus sequence, a good deal even if you only take one of these 3 courses.

If you don't need a paper textbook, a license for Cengage Unlimited can be purchased online for $120 for one semester [click here to do so] that gives you LIFE OF EDITION access to the textbook and WebAssign, for as many semesters of calculus as you will take, if you are happy with a WebAssign enhanced e-book, which many of today's students and a few instructors use exclusively. This gives you all of the website  features but no paper copy. Even if your first calculus instructor does not take advantage of WebAssign, you may be required to use it for homework in a subsequent semester, so if you do not have a WebAssign purchase code or lost it, you will have to repurchase one. Register with the publisher using your purchase key as soon as you buy the book if you purchase it at the bookstore.

All sections of MAT1500-1505-2500 have been set up on line for student access of the textbook e-book and online auxiliary materials. Ask your instructor for the "class key" for your section of your course. With that key you can set up your onlline access by clicking on the "I have a class key" link on this login page:

But here are the easy to follow instructions which also have a link to enter the site:
 Quicker Start Guide (Enroll: "I have a class key")

You then have a 2 week grace period from the first day of class to buy either the Cengage Unlimited license or the looseleaf textbook containing the access code card (proof of purchase of the text plus WebAssign) needed to register permanently for the class and continue having access to the online textbook materials. If you already have the purchased access code, register permanently immediately.

You have a right to access to the WebAssign materials even if your present instructor does not use it for online homework: ask for the course "class key" to connect to them (the department office also has the codes). Register as soon as you purchase your textbook using that class key and your WebAssign code so that you can access the site, and be ready to possibly be required to use it for a future calculus course. If you lose your code, you have to repurchase the access for nearly the price of the textbook.


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