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The Africana Studies Program, established in 1994 at Villanova University, is open to all students in the University. This is not a degree program, but rather an opportunity for a Minor in the area of Africana Studies.

MAJOR: Global Interdisciplinary Studies: Africana Studies (GAFR)

(34 credits/12 courses)

The department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) offers a major with a specialization in Africana Studies. Please see that page for detailed requirements of the major.

MINOR (15 credits) 

The Africana Studies Minor is fulfilled by five courses with the AFR attribute for a minimum of 15 credits, of which the following must be included: 

AFR 3000:  Constructs of Blackness; one course in either Africana History or Literature; students may also combine three 1-credit IGR courses to count as one of the undesignated Africana courses; courses taken as part of a study abroad program may be counted.

Africana Studies offers a rich, innovative, and interdisciplinary  approach to the study of Africa and its Diaspora communities. Courses are offered in a wide range of disciplines and will vary from semester to semester. Courses that count toward the Minor are identified by the AFR attribute. Credits desired from electives taken by students during Study Abroad will be applied at the discretion of the Director.

Students interested in the Minor should contact the Director of the program, while those interested in the GIS major should contact the Chair of GIS.

See the Web site address above for more information.

Contact Information

Maghan Keita, PhD
Director, Africana Studies Program
Professor of History
Phone: 610-519-6964

Joyce Harden

Administrative/ Events Assistant
SAC Room 036
Phone: 610-519-6302