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Augustine and Culture Seminar Program (ACSP)


The Augustine and Culture Seminar is a two-semester first-year seminar rooted in the Augustinian and Catholic intellectual traditions that prepares all students for success at Villanova and beyond.

ACS is an integral component of the first year student experience. In ACS, you will sharpen the practical and necessary skills of careful reading and clear writing. You will do this in community and conversation with your classmates who also live in the same residence hall with you and by bridging the gap between the classroom and the campus as you experience the exciting artistic and intellectual life of the university through "ACS Approved" cultural events.

In ACS we cultivate what Pope Francis calls a "culture of encounter": an environment in which we are passionate about learning about ourselves and others as we wrestle with thought-provoking works of human culture from ancient to modern times. Our model of inquiry is St. Augustine, the 4th century African bishop. ACS teaches you not only about Augustine, but how to be like him in the life-long pursuit of wisdom.

ACS is not a survey of traditions, but rather it is a humanistic inquiry into Augustine and his world, and Augustine and our world, always with the goal of encouraging each of us to as, as Augustine did again and again, "Who am I?"