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Augustine's Confessions

This is an enriched electronic edition of Augustine's Confessions.

The Confessions Mobile App project began three years ago to meet the core curriculum requirement for all freshmen, the Augustine & Culture Seminar Program (ACSP), offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The mobile app development was a joint effort of ACSP, the Augustinian Institute, and the Computer Science Dept., in conjunction with University Technology.

The purpose of the Augustine's Confessions Mobile App is to serve as an annotated interactive sourcebook based on the Boulding translation of the 13 books of St. Augustine's Confessions. The app provides audio voiceover for the text, a timeline of St. Augustine's life in the context of the Roman Empire, an annotated map of his travels, and art and photos related to Augustine and his life. The app will allow students and those interested in Augustinian teachings to conceptualize the readings based upon different learning styles. The text also includes specially written critical academic commentaries in the form of annotations.

Augustine's Confessions

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Native apps are available for iOS and Android smartphones. Any device, including tablets and desktops, can access the app store listings.

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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

How to highlight text or add a note

  1. Select some text (usually by holding your finger on it and then dragging a handle to change your selection).
  2. Click the pen-shaped button on the bottom toolbar. 
  3. Enter your comment (if any).
  4. Press "Save". 

The text you selected will be highlighted. You can see your note by pressing on the highlighted text.

The annotation button will be greyed-out when no text is selected.

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How to read, edit, or remove a highlight/note

Tap on the highlighted text to read any associated comments. Tap the comment to see options to edit or delete your annotation.

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How to add a bookmark

  1. Position the paragraph you'd like to bookmark at the top of your screen.
  2. Open the bookmark manager by clicking the bookmark icon in the toolbar. 
  3. Enter a new bookmark name, and press the add bookmark button.

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How to go to a bookmarked section

  1. Open the appropriate book. 
  2. Open the bookmark manager by clicking the bookmark icon in the toolbar. 
  3. Find your bookmark in the list and click it's name. The screen will scroll to the section you bookmarked. 
  4. Press "Done" to exit the bookmark manager.

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I pressed a button but nothing happened!

Buttons should respond quickly when pressed. Try carefully pressing to make sure you have not missed the button.

On some devices (especially older ones), content may take some time to load. Please carefully try pressing the button, and then wait a few moments for the content to load. If it does not, it may help to leave the page, return, and then try again.

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Where are my notes stored?

Any notes you take are stored with the app on your device. Uninstalling the app will remove your notes as well. We are currently exploring options for saving, restoring, and/or synchronizing user generated content.

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How can I access audio offline?

Audio can take up a lot of space on your device. If you need access to tracks while offline, you can selectively cache audio files by entering the Audio section in the app and pressing the download button next to any of the listed tracks. The button will pulse while the download progresses. After the download is complete, a checkbox will appear. To delete a cached track, click the checkmark next to a downloaded track. 

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I don't hear any audio!

On iOS, please ensure that your device is not on silent mode (the switch on the device's side should be set so you do not see orange).

Also, please make sure your device is connected to the internet, or that you have cached audio tracks for offline use.

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Can I listen to the commentaries (or other content)?

On iOS, you can enable a feature to allow selected text to be read back. 

  1. Go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Speech
  2. Enable Speak Selection and/or Speak Screen.
Then you can select any text in the app and press the Speak button to hear your phone read the selection. Alternatively, if you enabled "Speak Screen", you can swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to hear the contents of a screen.

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Mobile App/ Mobile Website Request Form

Any campus unit planning to develop a mobile application or mobile website under the auspices of the University and branded as a Villanova product must first seek formal approval to proceed by completing the Villanova University Mobile App/ Mobile Website Request Form. The completed form will be reviewed by a cross-disciplinary Mobile Application Review Committee.  

Questions & Feedback

Please contact Noël Dolan with any questions, concerns or other feedback. 

Scholarly Contributions

Please contact Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA to contribute.