The ACS Cultural Events requirement and ACSP's own ACS Concert Series are inspired by St. Augustine’s desire to seek wisdom and insight with “heart and voice and pen” in community. ACS events seek to bring us out of the seminar room onto campus and out into the wider world.

From inspiring lectures by prominent figures to thrilling moments in music and storytelling, ACSP events and programs give special consideration to the Catholic traditions of humanity, solidarity and common good, while providing a forum to share the experiences and stories that make us all so different and yet bring all of us together. 


All students taking ACS must attend three or more ACS cultural events per semester and successfully share about the event, either through written work or class discussion. These events are hosted by departments, programs and offices in every discipline from across the University — from workshops on navigating social life at Villanova, to academic lectures, to student-organized discussions. ACS approved events aim to show that learning is not confined to the classroom; ACS approved events take the intellectual and interpersonal dialogue outside the classroom in order to expand student learning in creative ways through different venues, whether on or off-campus.

Event organizers can seek the "ACS Approved" designation for their events by emailing Caehlin Bell. Check the WildCat newswire and the University calendar of events for the cultural events scheduled each week. Select events are highlighed on the ACSP Instagram account: @villanova_acs_approved


The goal of the ACS Concert Series is to bring high-quality professional musicians to our campus to introduce our students to live performances from a diverse array of musical traditions. The Concert Series is integrally tied to the Cultural Event requirement of the ACS Seminar experience and provides musical performances distinctly different from those that our on-campus student groups typically offer. Past performances have featured groups such as St. Thomas Gospel Choir, Vox Ama Deus, Magdaliz Roura and her Latin Ensemble Crisol, guest artists from the Curtis Institute, and the Temple Graduate Jazz Ensemble among many others.

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Civitas through Caritas: Cultivating Love, Cultivating Citizens is a summer program for rising high school seniors in the greater Philadelphia area.