Wagering on professional and collegiate sports in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been legal for individuals over 21 years of age since 2018 and has become increasingly accessible via online applications. Currently, the general public may lawfully place wagers on Villanova's Division I sports teams in the Commonwealth, as well as in other states that allow gambling on college athletic events.

At Villanova, sustaining a culture based on ethical conduct is critical to upholding the University's Augustinian mission and core values of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas. Our culture and values often call faculty, staff and students to a higher standard than what the law requires.

Consistent with these values, Villanova's Sports Wagering Restrictions policy aims to:

  • Maintain an athletic program that emphasizes the educational experience of our student-athletes;
  • Evidence our respect for our student-athletes by eliminating the potential that they may feel compromised, restricted, or inhibited in the pursuit of their educational activities; and
  • Minimize the potential of unlawful use of information that could influence the outcome of an athletic event.



The Villanova University Sports Wagering Restrictions policy applies to all students, faculty and staff. This policy also applies to any and all independent contractors who provide services to the Villanova University Department of Athletics, its athletic teams and student-athletes.

Villanova University faculty, staff and students, who are 21 years of age or older, are not permitted to wager on any athletic event (e.g., practice) or contest in which a Villanova University athletic team or student-athlete participates. Similarly, Villanova University faculty, staff and students may not knowingly disclose nonpublic information regarding its athletic teams or student-athletes for the purpose of influencing wagering activities.

Additional restrictions are applicable to ALL Villanova University Student-Athletes, Athletics Department Staff Members and Non-Athletics Department Staff Members who have responsibilities within or over the Athletics Department. Please refer to Sports Wagering Restrictions policy for additional guidance.



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