Exterior view of Stanford Hall on Villanova's south campus.

Located on South Campus, Stanford Hall (1971) is the largest and tallest of Villanova's residence halls. The building houses approximately 520 students in double room accommodations on five floors.

Stanford is named for Revered Edward V. Stanford, OSA, who served as the University's President through most of the Depression and World War II (1932 -1944); the third longest Presidential tenure in Villanova's history.


  • Air Conditioned
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable Television
  • Tile Floor (rooms)
  • Carpeted Floor (hallways)
  • Lounges on each floor
  • Laundry Room on floors 2-5 and in basement


  • 2 Beds
  • 2 Desks with bookshelf
  • 2 Desk chairs
  • Built-in closet with shelving
  • 3-drawer Dresser
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Full Length Mirror (on back of door)


  • Floor Size: 15'3" x 11'7"
  • Window: 55" x 28" each (2 windows)
  • Bed Height from Floor: Maximum 32" for single beds (3 drawer dressers fit under the bed)
  • Built-in Closet: 48" wide, 24" deep, 51" high (closets are open)
    • Top cubes: 24" W, 24" deep, 8" high
    • Middle cubes: 15" W, 24" deep, 8" high
    • Bottom cube: 46" W, 12" deep, 8" high


Closets do NOT have doors. Students often bring tension rods with curtains or shower curtains to block view of closet from the rest of the room.

Fitness Center in basement.

How to Use Your HVAC System - Stanford Hall




View of two beds and two desks in a Stanford Hall double room.
View of open closets in a Stanford Hall double room.
View of a bed, desk and open closet in a Stanford Hall double room.
View of a desk and a bed with a three drawer dresser underneath in a Stanford Hall double room.