Exterior view of Klekotka Hall on Villanova's west campus.

Located on West Campus, Klekotka Hall holds four residents per apartment with full living room, kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, and two bedrooms. Klekotka Hall is one of eight apartment buildings that offers housing to upperclassmen. Klekotka Hall was named in honor of Reverend John A. Klekotka, O.S.A.

Fr. Klekotka was President of Villanova College from 1959 to 1965. Before becoming President, Fr. Klekotka was a member of the faculty (electronics, physics and mathematics), the Moderator of the Villanovan, Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Executive Coordinator of the Nursing Division, Director of Alumni Relations, Chaplain, a member of the Athletic Advisory Board and Director of Admissions.


  • Air Conditioned
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable Television
  • Lounge on 3rd floor
  • Laundry Room on 2nd floor
  • Carpet in hallways and study lounge
  • Vinyl flooring throughout units (tile in bath areas)

Two bedroom, double occupancy units contain:

Kitchen - full kitchen contains a standard size refrigerator, a microwave, a stove with four burners, a self-cleaning oven, cabinets and drawers.

Living Room/Dining Area (19'7" x 11'7")- contains a kitchen table with four chairs, a sofa, a lounge chair, a coffee table, two counter stools, an entertainment unit and wiring for cable television. Windows are 44" x 60".

Bedrooms (16'6" x 11'7") - double occupancy bedroom units contain two of the following in each bedroom: beds, dressers, desks, desks chairs, closets and wiring for telephone/computer jacks and cable television. Double closet is 95" wide x 28" deep and bed height from the floor is 32". Closets do NOT have doors. Students often bring tension rods with curtains or shower curtains to block view of closet from the rest of the room.

Bathrooms - one full bathroom with a shower/tub, one half bath, two sinks in vanity area.

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Please note: Floor lamps and linens not included in standard apartment furnishings.

View of the living room of a standard 2-bedroom apartment.
Living Room: 2-Bedroom Apartment
View of the kitchen of a standard 2-bedroom apartment.
Kitchen: 2-Bedroom Apartment
View of the vanity area of standard 2-bedroom apartment.
Vanity Area: 2-Bedroom Apartment
View of the bedroom of a standard 2-bedroom apartment.
Bedroom: 2-Bedroom Apartment
View of the living room of a standard 2-bedroom apartment.
Living Room: 2-Bedroom Apartment