Exterior view of Corr Hall on Villanova's main campus.

Located on the main campus, Corr Hall offers easy access to dining, library and classroom facilities. The building houses approximately 50 students in single room accommodations.

Built in 1914 to house the Augustinian seminary, Corr was named in honor of Bernard Corr (1828-1912), a benefactor of the University. In addition to housing residents on the second and third floor of the building, Corr Hall also provides office space for the Center for Peace and Justice Education.


  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable Television
  • Carpeted Floor (rooms)
  • Carpeted Floor (hallways)
  • Laundry Room in basement
  • Single Rooms Only
  • Central Air Conditioning


Single Room Furnishings

  • Bed
  • Desk with bookshelf
  • Desk chair
  • Dresser
  • Closet
  • Vertical Blinds


  • Floor Size: 12'13" x 7'11"
  • Single Windows: 62" x 28"
  • Double Windows: 62" x 54"
  • Bed Height from Floor: Adjustable up to 32"
  • Closet: 65"x38"

How to Use Your HVAC - Corr Hall

View of a single room in Corr Hall.