It's important to know your responsibilities as a Villanova student and as a citizen in your local community. Villanova students are expected to be knowledgeable of the local laws and ordinances in your township in addition to the Student Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct.  


The Student Handbook outlines the regulations for which students will be responsible while enrolled at Villanova University. Additionally, the University has compiled a list of local municipalities where students reside and a list of applicable township codes to a student-renter. These specific codes were created to preserve the quality of life of residential neighborhoods and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all those living in them.

If you have an issue with a landlord or have questions about a code violation, please contact

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct exists for three distinct purposes. These codes help:

  • Motivate good conduct, create community, and enhance respect and understanding for individual differences while emphasizing a commitment to the common good;
  • Represent limits, a description of behaviors that contradict the purpose and nature of Villanova University. Such conduct violates presumptions of membership, and cannot be tolerated in an academic community;
  • Recognizes the basic student composition of the community corresponding behavioral dynamics.

Local Ordinances


Chapter 109: Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 142: Certificates of Occupancy

Chapter 200: Noise

Chapter 206: Parking, Off-Street

Chapter 222: Property Maintenance

Chapter 226: Rental Properties


Good Neighbor Guide

Additional Resources
We want to provide the best experience possible for our students and community members. Below are helpful resources and tools to get started with off-campus housing needs.

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