Integral to the Lepage Center's mission, the Lepage Center hosts a variety of events and workshops that explore timely topics through a historical lens.



The Lepage Center presents an annual series of events tied to a timely theme of public interest. These virtual and in-person events bring together diverse voices in the humanities and social sciences to put contemporary issues in historical perspective.

2023 – 2024 Series: Cities in Historical Perspective

The series of panels and talks will examine several historical topics, including the problem of race and class in the American city, as well as historical perspectives on European cities, port cities, postcolonial cities, immigration and cities, Chinatown in Philadelphia, and labor in cities. The series will showcase the ways in which scholars have engaged the multifaceted sociocultural and political-economic dimensions of cities in their work, and how the city's place in society has changed over time.



The Lepage Center hosts a variety of other lectures, workshops discussions and more for the Villanova community and beyond. Some of those ongoing events include:

Lunch@Lepage: At least once per month, the Lepage Center invites a guest speaker to share a presentation and engage in discussion over the lunch hour (may be in-person or virtual).

Public Interest Lectures: In addition to the themed lecture series, the Lepage Center hosts an assortment of lectures that address topics in the news—sometimes organized in the days immediately following a influential event.

Digital History Series: The Lepage Center partners with the Falvey Library to host a workshop series that explores how history and digital scholarship tools and resources intersect.

The Lepage Center records these events and offers a repository of resources discussed during the event.


The Lepage Center records most of their events, making them accessible to the wider community. You can watch these recorded events on YouTube.