A student looks at a mapping program in class.

The Department of Geography and the Environment integrates the disciplines of geography and environmental science in teaching and research to seek a better understanding of the spatial patterns in the natural and built environments, the physical and social processes that produce those patterns, and their interactions.

We are witnessing global change at a pace unique in human history, and we clearly must understand and manage our interactions with natural systems. Our department emphasizes integrated thinking and learning at the nexus of science, policy and human behavior to prepare our graduates to solve some of the most pressing issues facing society today. The Department of Geography and the Environment (GEV) is home to three undergraduate majors (BS in Environmental Science, BA in Environmental Studies, and BA in Geography), two undergraduate minors (Geography and Sustainability), and a graduate program (MS in Environmental Science). Students undertake timely and important research under the guidance of research-active faculty mentors who are leaders in their fields.

Department of Geography and the Environment
Suite G67, Mendel Science Center
Villanova University

Dr. Nathaniel B. Weston

Undergraduate Program Directors:
Dr. Peleg Kremer (Environmental Studies)

Dr. Kabindra Shakya (Environmental Science)

Dr. Stephen Strader (Geography)


Your donations to the Department of Geography and the Environment will be used to fund student research experiences and critical needs in the department.