The Latin American Studies program provides students with an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, allowing them to explore and study Latin America in depth.

We offer a balanced and creative combination of language courses, comparative global courses, experiential learning, methodological and writing courses, and there are a great variety of electives offered through the programs of sociology, political sciences, history, geography, religion, philosophy, and languages. The major and minor in Latin American Studies are designed to teach students complementary disciplinary approaches to understand the diversity, uniqueness, and complexity of Latin America. 

The Latin American Studies program has been designed to respond to the national and international demands for global citizens. We teach our students to value, respect, and learn from diverse cultures; show competency in different languages; and demonstrate openness, inclusiveness, cultural competence, and ability to interact with different groups of people.

Program Director
Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández, PhD 
Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures