The Cultural Studies program offers a unique opportunity for students with diverse interests beyond just the social sciences and humanities.

In learning about global cultural phenomena, we add a critical dimension to our students’ understanding of global issues and world cultures so they can organically immerse themselves in a post-graduate quest to discover deeper knowledge and do their part to ignite change.

A major in Cultural Studies requires six courses for a minimum of 18 credits, which must include an introduction to cultural studies as well as three core courses based on the program’s key themes of representation, gender and race.


We partner with the Office of Service Learning to offer three-credit courses designed to connect course objectives with opportunities to meet the needs of people in underserved communities or work with agencies which advocate for the poor or care for the environment. Integration of theoretical knowledge and experiential learning in these communities provides a context for critical and constructive thinking and action that promotes the common good. 

These unique learning opportunities include experiences such as tutoring Philadelphia school students and working in community health clinics.

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