Communication courses range from public relations and journalism to rhetoric and social justice to film and performance.


The Communication department is home to courses in American Sign Language and Intergroup Relations—open to students across the College.

The Communication Department is pleased to offer a two-semester sequence in American Sign Language (ASL). The courses cover conversational vocabulary, grammatical features and principles of ASL, expressive and receptive skills, and key aspects of deafness and Deaf culture. The audiological, educational, social, cultural and historical aspects of d/Deafness are also included. Students will be expected to interact with the Deaf community in real-life settings thereby enhancing their awareness of and sensitivity to various aspects of Deaf culture and ASL. No previous knowledge of sign language is necessary. Beginning with the incoming class of 2027 successful completion of the two 3-credit courses plus accompanying 1-credit language labs will constitute proficiency in ASL and count for the Core language requirement. In addition, ASL 1112 carries a Core Diversity attribute, and both courses are included in the Deaf Studies and Disability Studies minor.

Intergroup Relations (IGR) is an educational experience about issues of social justice, and central to Villanova's IGR programming is a one-credit undergraduate course (COM 5300), offered by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Department of Communication. Topics examined as part of IGR programming include gender, socioeconomic status, religion/faith, race, sexual orientation and ability. Learn more about this course.



Tom Ksiazek, PhD



Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Laura Capriotti

Garey Hall, Room 28


Administrative Assistant 

Loretta Chiaverini

Garey Hall, Room 28


Administrative Assistant, Graduate Program 

Kelly Doyle 

Garey Hall, Room 28



The Waterhouse Family Institute (WFI), housed within the Department of Communication, was established by a generous gift from Lawrence Waterhouse Jr., ’59 A&S, founder of Waterhouse Investor Services, Inc.

The WFI was founded to highlight the centrality of Communication in the creation of social change. Our goal is to serve as the center of an international network of Communication scholars, practitioners, and activists working to create a more just social world.