The Ennis and Barbieri Teaching Scholars are important members of the ACS program. To apply for either teaching scholar position please visit jobs.villabova.edu and search for faculty positions.


The Arthur J. Ennis Teaching Scholars

The Arthur J. Ennis Teaching Scholars in the Augustine and Culture Seminar Program (ACSP) are named for Father Arthur J. Ennis, O.S.A. (1922-1994), a noted historian in the Augustinian Order and former chair of Villanova University’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies from 1968 to 1977.

ACS is a two-semester reading- and writing- intensive discussion seminar that is required for all first-year students. Ennis Scholars teach three Augustine and Culture Seminar courses each semester. Scholars do not have service responsibilities but are expected to be actively involved in the life of ACSP.

About Fr. Ennis
Fr. Ennis’s priestly career was spent entirely in education. He taught at both Archbishop Carroll High School and Augustinian College in Washington, D.C., the College of Santa Monica, in Rome, and at Villanova University, where he also received his undergraduate degree. Fr. Ennis also served as Assistant General for North America for the Augustinian Order.

The Rocco A. and Gloria C. Barbieri Teaching Scholar

The Augustine and Culture Seminar Program (ACSP) is the grateful recipient of the Rocco A. and Gloria C. Barbieri Endowment Fund, which helps us support a teacher-scholar dedicated to our first-year students and the University’s Augustinian mission. The Barbieri Scholar excels not just in teaching undergraduates and student development activities but also in faculty research.  

The Barbieri Scholar position is a one-year post-doctoral position (renewable in some cases for a second year) with a 3/3 teaching load as well as the expectation to actively contribute to the life of ACSP. Historically, the Barbieri Scholar is chosen from the Ennis Scholars in their last term of their teaching position because in addition to a distinguished teaching record, these teaching scholars have been particularly engaged in promoting the Augustinian mission through ACS and through their scholarship while here at Villanova. However, the candidates for the Barbieri Scholar position are not limited to the Ennis Scholars. 

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