Meet Graduate Student Ambassador Amanda Muir

Graduate Student Ambassador Morgan Haller

Amanda Muir

Public Administration




"Villanova was an easy choice because of the values, community and dedication to shaping both kind and effective leaders."




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Describe your interest in your academic program and what you hope to gain from it.

I chose Villanova’s MPA program because I hope to make a difference in my community and hone my skills as a leader.

What is your favorite course you’ve taken so far? If you are in your first year, what course are you most looking forward to in your program? Why?

My favorite courses have been Leadership Ethics and Strategic Planning. Leadership Ethics really stretched my knowledge and understanding in a way that I know made me think differently, and Strategic Planning had so many actionable tips that I could bring to my professional and personal goals to make them a reality.

What are a few things you would like to share with prospective students regarding the Villanova student experience?

That the Villanova community is so full of kind and friendly people and to maximize those relationships. Even if you are a predominantly online student, try to visit campus and talk to classmates and professors as much as possible.

How do you maintain a good school/life balance?

I tried, sometimes unsuccessfully, to always schedule activities that would make me feel more relaxed. Whether it was lunch with a friend where I knew I would laugh or a yoga class.  

If you’re living around Villanova, what are one to two “must do” experiences you would suggest to students new to Villanova and the surrounding area including Philadelphia? (Restaurants to eat, be...)

Go to the Linc and see the Eagles play (win)!

Describe what it means to be a graduate student at Villanova. In other words, why Villanova?

Villanova was an easy choice because of the values, community and dedication to shaping both kind and effective leaders. 

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