CLAS students gain research experience as early as their first year—working alongside a faculty mentor.

Faculty-mentored research is critical to the student experience at Villanova. Working on research projects during both the academic year and the summer, faculty encourage their students to take their findings a step farther and to answer important questions. Our students attend major academic conferences, present their work at Villanova or industry-specific research events, and publish in academic journals. These opportunities are made possible through a variety of programs and funding opportunities.

External Grant Support

Our CLAS faculty are currently working on critical research projects funded by both private and national entities, including the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Archives and Records Administration, among others. These substantial grants enable professors to involve more students in their work.

Department and Disciplinary Opportunities

Villanova Social Sciences Apprenticeship

The Villanova Social Sciences Apprenticeship (VSSA) program provides summer research opportunities for students interested in the social sciences. Students assist in faculty research projects and participate in a weekly research colloquium designed to help them contextualize their research experiences. Apprenticeships are paid and come with opportunities for support for room and board. Open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. Current students can learn more and submit an application.

Department-specific opportunities

Our faculty are committed to helping students learn through research and hands-on experience. Academic departments offer additional research opportunities and support. Interested students are encouraged to contact research advisors, or the departments, to inquire about such opportunities.