Two graduates smile at commencement.

The Medallion for Academic Excellence Awards

The Medallion for Academic Excellence is an annual award given to recognize the accomplishments of select graduates. Department Chairs and faculty consider criteria including cumulative grade point average, excellence in research, academic creativity and demonstrated commitment to the values of a liberal arts education. Academic departments have named their medallion for a luminary from the past, or after someone who has deeply affected the discipline or for an outstanding person who helped to shape the course of study at Villanova University.

The Damas-Senghor-Césaire Award; Africana Studies

The Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jazairi Medallion; Arab and Islamic Studies

The Edward F. Jenkins, OSA, Award; Founder of Villanova’s Astronomy Department; Astrophysics and Planetary Science

The Rosalind Franklin Award; Noted DNA Crystallographer; Biochemistry

The John M. Mcclain Award; Outstanding Educator and Administrator in Biology; Biology

The G.N. Quam Award; Professor and Innovator in Safety Research in Chemistry; Chemistry

The Howard A. Grelis, OSA, Award; Outstanding Educator and Classical Scholar; Classical Studies

The Medallion of Excellence Award In Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience; Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

The Edward R. Murrow Award; Distinguished Broadcast Journalist; Communication

The James J. Markham Award; Founder of the Comprehensive Science Program; Comprehensive Science

The Robert E. Beck Medallion; Respected Professor and Founding Chair; Computing Sciences

The Edwin Sutherland Award; Father of Modern Criminology; Criminology

The John Maynard Keynes Award; Founder of Modern Macro-Economic Theory; Economics

The Joseph A. Burns, OSA, Award; Beloved Professor; Education

The Edward Mcgrath Award; Esteemed Professor in Literature; English

The Rachel Carson Award; Founder of the Contemporary Environmental Movement; Environmental Science

The Rev. Joseph J. Gildea, OSA, Award; Eminent Scholar in Medieval French; French and Francophone Studies

The Alexander Von Humboldt Award; Early Geographer and Scientist; Geography

The Cosmas Award; Cosmas Indicopluestes—“Cosmas the Indian Ocean Traveler”—A Sixth-Century Egyptian Monk; Global Interdisciplinary Studies

The Christopher Dawson Award; Renowned Historian of Religion and Culture

The Karol Wojtyla Award; Priest, Pope, Poet and Defender of Human Dignity; Humanities

The Dante Alighieri Award; Poet, Mystic, and Philosopher; Italian

Medallion Of Excellence Award In Latin American Studies; Latin American Studies

The Emil Amelotti Award; Founder of Villanova’s Mathematics Department, Mathematics

The Gustavo Gutiérrez, Op Award; Peace and Justice Education

The Robert Russell, OSA, Award; Philosophy

The William Driscoll Award; Founder of Villanova’s Physics Department; Physics

The Fritz Nova Award; Respected Professor of Political Science; Political Science

The Bernard L. Bonniwell Award; Innovative Educator and First Chair of the Department; Psychology

The Alexander Pushkin Award; Russian Studies

The John E. Hughes Award; Founder of Villanova’s Sociology Department; Sociology

The Teresa Of Avila Award; Saint, Mystic Poet, Carmelite Nun, and Doctor of the Church; Spanish


Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society

Phi Beta Kappa (ΦBK) is a National Honors Fraternity for Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It was founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776. Since that time, its rigorous and comprehensive standards have made election to it a premier sign of excellence. The Sigma of Pennsylvania Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was created at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova in April 1986.

The Phi Beta Kappa standards reflect the highest ideals of liberal education at Villanova—education that is concerned with values and facts, as well as wisdom and knowledge; education that seeks freedom from ignorance, alienation, and inhumanity; that values intellectual integrity and tolerance over expediency, and breadth of scholarly achievement over specialized expertise. Juniors and seniors who are candidates for a degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, whose academic achievements reflect the goals of Phi Beta Kappa, and who meet specific criteria shall be eligible for consideration for election to Phi Beta Kappa.

Nina Isabelle Almazar ’22 CLAS

Autumn Anderson ’22 CLAS

Allison Baroni ’22 CLAS

Lydia Becker ’22 CLAS

Timothy Blajda ’22 CLAS

Abigail Blay ’22 CLAS

James Braverman ’22 CLAS

Caroline Canally ’22 CLAS

Eugene Cha ’22 CLAS

Grace Chiodo ’22 CLAS

Alexander Comfort ’22 CLAS

Jack Cucchiara ’22 CLAS

Gillen Curren ’22 CLAS

Lily Day ’22 CLAS

Caterina Deuser ’22 CLAS

Christopher DiLullo ’22 CLAS

Daniel Donabedian ’22 CLAS

Brendan Donoghue ’22 CLAS

Casey Driscoll ’22 CLAS

Jenevieve Erickson ’22 CLAS

Daniel Estrada ’22 CLAS

Dana Fahey ’22 CLAS

Brenna Gaffney ’22 CLAS

Nicole Garcia ’22 CLAS

Matthew Golonka ’22 CLAS

Nicole Graczyk ’22 CLAS

Alec Henderson ’22 CLAS

Christiana Holguin ’22 CLAS

Stephanie Horne ’22 CLAS

Brandon Hornlein ’22 CLAS

Francesca Iucolino ’22 CLAS

Megan Jackson ’22 CLAS

Daniel Jensen ’22 CLAS

Alek Kevorkian ’22 CLAS

Irene Koch ’22 CLAS

Caleb Kwon ’22 CLAS

Lauren Laino ’22 CLAS

Jennifer Lambert ’22 CLAS

Conor Larsen ’22 CLAS

Benjamin Leavens ’22 CLAS

Erica Mallon ’22 CLAS

Jordan McCarthy ’22 CLAS

Caleb McCurdy ’22 CLAS

Hannah Medsker ’22 CLAS

Ariana Megerian ’22 CLAS

Jason Mitala ’22 CLAS

Thinh Nguyen ’22 CLAS

Jourdyn Nicholson ’22 CLAS

Peter Nikitin ’22 CLAS

Erin O'Toole ’22 CLAS

Derrick Padykula ’22 CLAS

Shaniya Peart ’22 CLAS

Catherine Petretti ’22 CLAS

Alexis Price ’22 CLAS

Kaitlyn Quijano ’22 CLAS

Francesca Reres ’22 CLAS

Erin Rodriguez ’22 CLAS

Kevin Rouse ’22 CLAS

Christopher Saladino ’22 CLAS

Dylan Sawyer ’22 CLAS

Alissa Schembor ’22 CLAS

Benjamin Schmid ’22 CLAS

Aidan Schwob ’22 CLAS

Hannah Simon ’22 CLAS

Amanda Smith ’22 CLAS

Sydney Stewart ’22 CLAS

Kaysie Stuba ’22 CLAS

Omair Sultan ’22 CLAS

Caroline Sweeney ’22 CLAS

Grace Turchetta ’22 CLAS

Julia Ugras ’22 CLAS

Margot Varrichio ’22 CLAS

Charles Walsh ’22 CLAS

Ryan Weicht ’22 CLAS

Zachary Boyer ’23 CLAS

Noah Hewes ’23 CLAS

Anthony Pasles ’23 CLAS

Katherine Reed ’23 CLAS

Patrick Riss ’23 CLAS

Karina Zakarian ’23 CLAS