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As an Ally for Recovery, I promise to be:

  • Conscious of my own biases and consistently work to adjust them
  • Eager to learn more and evolve my understanding of recovery and the ways I can be a support
  • An open-minded and empathetic active listener who uses supportive language
  • Aware of the environments I create while working to build a safe space for people in recovery through my words and my actions

To join this growing list of Villanova community members who have been trained and are committed to building a Recovery-Friendly Villanova, register for a training here.

Stacy Andes

Catalina Ararat-Ospina

Edmund Riccio

Veronica Jeffers

Joyce Minogue

Mary McGonigle

Kristy McCarthy

Rachel Epstein

Izac Qian

Patrice Soars

Margaret Duffy

Cristina Babyak

Robert O’Reilly-Gindhart

Jenna Rose

Paige Matzerath

Edward Wahesh

Olivia Mendenall

Melissa O’Connor

Nicole Subik

Laura Matthews

Jennifer Liberato

Caroline Levine

Kat Latham

Crishelle Ildefonso

Natalia Garcia Luna

John Delaney

Anthony Ciliberto

Marissa Zeuli

Jessica Pellicciotta

Megan Le

Carol Weingarten

Liz Remelius

Elisa Hibbs

Jordan Prats    

Brynne McNeilis

Francesca Christensen

Sophia Gunderson

Anusha Dawson

Rachel Weiss

Meghan Pilotte

Sean Dinan

Rinnah Acquaye

Alice Wu

Charlotte Wilson

Michael Sommeling

Joseph Hohman

Robyn Dooley

Elizabeth York

Marlene Mulkeen

Jiwoo Lee

Madison Knoblock

Samantha Wolter

Mimi Dioguardi

Emma Thomas

Emily Krzemienski

Lauren Armstrong

Amanda Bube Osaji

Isabel Lima

Devin DePass

Ainsley Payne

Austin Ondrusek

Katherine Anderson

Emily Hodgson

Felicia Froio

Julia McCarthy

Michelle Corona

Jackie Limongelli

Emily F. Harris

Sean McElwee

Beth Hassel

Kathy Byrnes

Amanda Glatfelter

Jessica Taylor

Joshua Kammerer

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In an emergency, call Villanova Public Safety at 610-519-4444.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 988.